Thursday, March 25, 2010

Immediate Benefits????

I thought we were supposed to see immediate benefits in this health care plan? A friend of mine has a daughter that recently turned 21. On her 21st birthday the daughter had to obtain her own health care policy. Being the good citizen that I am, I informed my friend that the health reform bill just passed and that the daughter should be able to be placed back on her employer provided health insurance policy until age 26. I also informed my friend that I wasn't positive if the benefit of having children on parents policies took effect immediately or within 6 months. However, I told her she should call the insurer.

My friend did call the insurer and the insurer said that provision didn't apply to her policy and that her daughter would have to have her own policy. The insurer didn't say "the provision had not yet taken effect'. The insurer only said that provision didn't apply.

I wonder did the administration lie to us? Is the provision to allow our children to remain on parents policies until age 26 unwritten? Did the President tell a bald faced lie in his push towards the most unpopular bill in American history? I am all but certain that this provision was one of the provisions that supposedly takes effect within the next 6 months. Someone is lying. Either the Democrats forgot to place that provision in the bill or the insurer is lying. Who is going to come clean?


Anonymous said...

In any 2000+ page bill there will be confusion, lies, and loopholes. Perhaps insurers have found ways to not have to apply certain types of policies, of perhaps due to specific unspecific language (sadly it exists) certain insurers are exempt from those rules. Something like,"Any insurer who had a CEO whose last name begins with the letter B and is located in a state with a population between 7.6 and 7.7 million at the time of this bill's passage is exempt from the above."
In 2000+ pages I'm sure all kinds of stupid s*&t is in there.

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