Monday, March 1, 2010

I Thought Health Care Reform Was Important

Here all this time I believed health care reform was important. I thought perhaps President Obama had seen the light and wanted to work out a bi-partisan plan. I believed in my government of the people by the people. The reality is that Obama, Ried, and Pelosi will not be happy until they have ruined a free American society.

There is a Health Reform bill that passed the senate with a "super majority" of support. Read that line again the House is in possession of a bill that has passed the Senate with the support of 60 Senators. Pelosi can not get this passed through the house on a simple majority vote. The Democrats will not allow this bill to pass in its current form. Again the DEMOCRATS will not pass the Health Reform bill with a majority vote. Instead the Democrats know the Senate bill is a bad bill that requires massive changes in order to pass the House by a simple majority. So instead of starting over and working in bi-partisan fashion the Democrats want to blame the Republicans for their failure.

The DEMOCRATS know the "super majority" passed Senate bill will not satisfy their liberal and socialist base. Now instead of inviting Republicans to compromise to make the bill better, the DEMOCRATS are blaming the Republicans for the Presidents failure. Everyone is focused on the filibuster in the Senate. However, it is not the filibuster that is thwarting the Health Reform bill. It is the liberal House that refuses to pass a bill passed by the Senate. All that has to happen is the House pass the bill that is before them.

The reality is everyone knows the Senate bill is a bad bill that needs to be fixed. The Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker rebate are poison pills. In addition the Unions do not want to have their Cadillac plans taxed like the rest of America. The unions won't allow Pelosi to pass the bill. Another Democrat special interest group is thwarting the Democrats. There are many reasons Americans are against this bill. In fact a majority of Americans are against either Obama's late in coming plan, the radical House plan, or the taxpayer giveaway Senate plan. The Democrats can't pass either of these bill in normal fashion. Now the Democrats want the Senate to pass the fixes to a bill that doesn't exist. What are the Senators supposed to fix if their is no bill?

The Health Care Summit ruse was nothing more than political theater to provide cover for the President. The Democrats will use every trick available to overcome their own weakness as leaders. The Democrats are unable to govern or lead. The only thing the Democrats know is how to expand government to take over American lives. The Democrats want to bring government between individuals and their doctor. The Democrats want to bring on class warfare and rid America of the upper and middle class. The Democrats want two classes in America. The Democrats want the ruling elite class and the commoner class.

All this time I thought Health Care Reform was important for America. Alas we find out that the Democrats do not want health reform unless it involves the government taking over 17% of the economy and sending America closer to the brink of economic collapse.

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Anonymous said...

Wait, you don't want to be a commoner born to serve the ruling elite? The sad thing is we're already close enough to the two classes. The middle class barely exists anymore. There are the elite, and the working poor. What's left of the middle class are small (very small) businesses and the state and federal government workers. The only way to have (short of being elite) to have what used to be a middle class lifestyle is to work for the government. Median income over 70k. Private sector 40k. Far too top-heavy.