Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Health Care: An Act of Desperation

Obama and the Democrats are in desperation mode. The President is set to unveil his second health care proposal in 10 days. After months of sitting on the sidelines Obama had to unveil some sort of plan ahead of the Faux health care summit. Unable to really have a plan of his own, Obama plagiarized the Senate bill and added a few additional government intervention clauses and submitted it just before the health care ruse. Now after just ten days, Obama revises the plan yet again to be unveiled today.

This is the act of a weak and indecisive leader. Obama has no vision for the future of health care in America, rather he just knows his presidency is failing and he has been unable to get anything through Congress. At the 11th hour the President diminished the Presidency by basically becoming a Committee chairman. Obama brought no ideas to the table. The Health Care summit was designed as a theatrical forum for Obama to criticize the Republicans. High from his pummeling of Republicans during their retreat immediately following the State of the Union, Obama saw an opening where he thought he could go into campaign mode and shove unpopular health care proposals down the throats of unwilling Americans. The Republicans turned the tables and embarrassed the President. Instead of looking Presidential, Obama came across as condescending and out of touch. Republicans understood all three Democratic plans better than Obama and the Democrats who wrote the three plans.

The house bill was a disaster. Democrats brought cheesy anecdotes designed to play on the emotions of Americans. The Republicans brought facts. Obama scolded Senator Alexander about not having the correct facts when it was Obama who had the incorrect facts about his own plan. The House plan has been shut down by Americans. Last summer the Democrats could not conduct any townhalls without hearing how bad the plan from the House was received by the American public. Then the Senate passed their version but not without bribing various Democratic Senators such as Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu. Then the American people came out against the Senate plan. Finally Obama on the verge of failure finally weighs in with an expanded Senate version that has already been rebuked by the American people. At the end of the Health care ruse Obama showed his true colors. Instead of working out compromises as was promised, Obama came out with threats of using reconciliation to pass something.

In the wake of the health care summit and the House being unable to come up with the votes to pass the Senate bill unchanged so the Democrats could radically change a bill with reconciliation, Obama is coming out with yet another plan with hopes of something sticking. This my friends is not Statesmanship. This my friends is not leadership. This my friends is the act of desperation from a President and a Democratic Party bent on destroying the American way.


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Anonymous said...

They are desperate, despite what the Pathetic Pawns say!!!!

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