Monday, March 22, 2010

The Enemy At The Gate

Now is the time for the entire Republican base to come together. America needs the deficit hawks, the social conservatives, and the Foreign Policy hawks to come together as one. The three legged stool that is the Republican base cannot stand on two legs. Our country is in trouble and we need true leadership. The base must come together and unite against the tyranny that just took over America. Sure we all can have our petty differences. We can fight amongst ourselves like any family we just can’t fight in public.

Fight our wars in the primary’s and then unite behind whomever wins. Take Arizona Senate for instance, there is a primary between John McCain and J.D. Hayworth. No matter which of these gentlemen you support just remember that we must support whomever wins. Conservatives can be mad at the Maverick of the Senate for his occasional straying from the party line. We can blame McCain for not running a better Presidential campaign. However, should he win his primary the entire Republican base must turn up and vote even if you have to plug your nose while doing it. Stop blaming McCain for the Presidential campaign, hell even Reagan would have lost in 2008, things were tough for any Republican. No matter who wins in Florida, whether it is Rubio or Crist, Republicans must unite against our common enemy. The Democrats have shown they have no principles. Republicans must stand for their principles but they have to have the numbers to lead.

Please get off you wallets and support the RNC, RNCC, and the RSC. They are in need. I know many are upset with the National committees, but now is the time for action and support. We must put away our differences and come together to heal the fabric that is America. Stop the name calling and start working an alternative agenda. Run an election not on overturning health care but on balancing the budget and paying down our spiraling debt. When Corporations start having better credit then the United States it is time to worry. Run a campaign on giving the government of the people back to the people. Our government was stolen from us yesterday and yes the Presidents Ambassador to the Black Community Mr. Al Sharpton came out and told the American people Obama was indeed a Socialist. Republican leaders need to use this against the President. The next time Wolf Blitzer asks is you think Obama is a Socialist just tell Wolf that it is the opinion of one of Obama’s own Ambassador that says it’s so.

Use the Democrats own words against them. Tell the American people that it is the President that relegated the American people to the sidelines by saying the only time we matter is on election day, then just play the tape as he said there was no room to compromise, there was no room to start over as the people demanded, and he was going to use the process to circumvent the system and then wait for the election. The Republican leaders must stand up and talk to middle America. Middle America must unite against the Socialists that are now in charge. We the people are losing right now and we must unite or allow the sun to set on the America we all love, support, and defend.

Unite Republican’s and throw the bums out. Leaders take the high road but always use the Democrats own words against them. Grass roots supporters send your money, volunteer, campaign, do whatever it takes to ensure a Republican wins in every district that was carried by either John McCain or George Bush. Reach out then and ensure we win where they didn’t believe Republicans could. Go to the North East and make the Democrats spend money defended turf that believed was safe. I can’t stress this enough get over our internal squabbles and defeat the enemy. Trust me the enemy is at the gate.

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Anonymous said...

I wish all we had to do was vote in Republicans. However, they'll see it as an endorsement of the party leadership, and as a mandate for them to reclaim their rightful place as the screwers of the American People. It's unfortunate that we can't trust Republicans, but they've done it to themselves. If they didn't run a horrible, bloated, arrogant government for so long, we wouldn't even be in this situation. Oh well, I'll just hold my nose and vote Republican, at least they pretend to want to preserve the Republic, and some may accidently work to do so out of fear of their constituents.