Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pelosi: Vote Against The People

Today Nancy Pelosi implored her fellow Democrats to vote against the people. Pelosi claims that is why the Representatives were sent to Washington. The Representatives were sent to Congress to represent the radical and liberal viewpoint of the Speaker and the party. Obviously the Speaker and the President have both forgotten about the constitution of the United States.

"We the People of the United States" begins the constitution. Obviously the great liberal education forgot to teach the left that "we the people" means the citizens of the United States and not the ruling elitists. Sorry Mr. President that is not what elections are for. Elections are to elect representatives. These representatives are supposed to represent the views of the constituents not the views of a Socialist dictator and a rogue Speaker. Democrats may have a voting majority in the House and in the Senate but it is still the Representative and Senator to represent the views of the people. The Democrats have forgotten that a majority in congress makes it easier to establish an agenda. The Majority in Congress has a responsibility to find the compromises that will push forward a law that represents the will of the people and not the will of the political party.

The Democrats do not represent their political party they represent the people. This health care bill is opposed by a majority of Americans. A majority of Americans would like the Democrats to start over and bring all Americans into the process. Americans don't like back room deals. Americans do not like one sided affairs. Americans are screaming and the liberal left is ignoring.

Passing health care should be easy now that finally after months of secret sweetheart deals the President finally outlined a plan. Everyone agrees some type of health reform is needed. The basic principles are believed in by both sides of the aisle. Now why don't everyone sit down together and hammer out a bill that meets in the middle. The middle that can have at least a majority of Americans support. It is the Democrats that have refused to work in a bi-partisan way for the American people. It is the Democrats that are beholden to their special interest groups. The unions are pushing for this type of bill. The trial lawyers are against Tort reform. Read the hand writing on the wall, the Democrats are only pushing their takeover of 17% of the American economy to make a society dependent on government.

Should the Democrats succeed in ramming through this bill they will succeed in bankrupting our country. Not only will we be bankrupt financially but as a country bankrupt morally and ethically. Using reconciliation for this bill will effectively end the way business is conducted in our government. Their will never ever be minority views heard ever again. The political parties would have succeeded in taking the government away from the people. Only the Democrats could devise a way to destroy a Nation. The people have spoken. We want our Congress to fix a broken economy. Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi threw almost $1 trillion dollars out the door and then turned their back on the economy in pursuit of their agenda and not the people's agenda. Go ahead Nancy vote against the people. The sooner we become bankrupt the sooner we can start over from the mess you have created.

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Anonymous said...

It wasn't long ago that the Dems were crying about how the filibuster was a great tool without which the minority wouldn't have a voice. Now they plan to destroy that very tool. The Pathetic Pawns should be careful when cheering this on, I don't think they'll be cheering when Republicans become the majority again.