Friday, February 26, 2010

The Health Summit Ruse

President Obama held his health summit and like his State of the Union it was nothing but smoke and mirrors a ruse to deceive the American people. Instead of promoting a bi-partisan health care bill Obama and the democrats went into the summit with their minds already made up. The Democrats have intended to shut the Republicans out of the debate from the start and decided on JAN 20 they were going the reconciliation route. Obama feigned a "pivot" towards jobs during his State of the Union but that was nothing more than political cover for his Democrat cronies to work under the cover of darkness to plot the deception of the American people.

Obama made threats during his closing comments yesterday. Obama said he would consider Republican ideas but didn't believe they could come together and would move ahead against the will of the people. Obama had this plan to move ahead with reconciliation all along but just had to deceive Americans into believing he is trying. Already just one day later Pelosi is pushing forward and next week Obama plans to announce his way forward through reconciliation.

Obama hopes to blame the partisan bickering on Republicans. That was his intention all along. This ruse can not work though. Obama didn't even follow through with his pledge to allow the congress to attempt to work out differences. Instead he immediately went into reconciliation mode. Obama said if after a few days or weeks or a month or maybe 6 weeks if health care reform wasn't moving forward then he would push reconciliation. That lasted less than 24 hours and he is already pushing the unpopular health bill before the house and senate.

The reason for pushing reconciliation so soon is because the summit was a democratic failure. The Republicans showed up and had insightful and intelligent plans. Democrats showed up with emotional anecdotes. Republicans knew what was in not only the house and senate plans but also Obama's hastily put together expansion of the senate plan. In fact the Republicans knew what was in all of the plans including Obama's own better than Obama or any other Democrat. Obama failed to move the football forward on third and inches. Now it is 4th and a mile as the summit did nothing but place another nail in the coffin.

Democrats should be fair warned. The American people are very against the Democratic plan. After months of developing plans under the cover of darkness Obama plans to use 7.5 hours of transparency to cover his tracks. Sorry Obama but this will not work. The American people want you to focus on the economy as you promised during the State of the Union. They are against health care at this time. Move forward with your reconciliation scheme at your own peril. The health care summit ruse fooled no one but yourself and the delusional left.


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This clown needs his majority taken away and to get booted from office in 2012. I hope the Pathetic Pawns are happy for hoisting this guy on us. Only problem is I'm not sure McCain would have been MUCH better (better sure, but not much).