Friday, February 26, 2010

Health Care Reform Shouldn't Be Complicated

In an effort to make himself appear really smart President belittled the Republicans and stated the Health Care reform is complicated. My thought is this: Health care is complicated only because the Democrats and the President want to have a government bureaucracy between individuals and their doctors. Health care reform is only complicated because the Democrats and the President want to make elitist decisions for the masses and thus deny Americans individual freedoms. In short health care reform is complicated because the Democrats and the Presidents want it to be complicated.

I found it interesting yesterday that the Democrats came to the negotiation armed with emotional anecdotes and didn't comprehend what exactly they pushed through as Bills. The President scolded Senator Alexander about having facts straight but it was the President who had the facts wrong. The party of self proclaimed intelligence played on emotions. The party of self proclaimed education and science had to resort to talking points and anecdotes (often dishonestly just ask Senator Harkin). The Democrats had no facts and looked to the President to save their behinds. There was no bi-partisanship as the President has taken sides long ago. The Republicans surprised the inept President yesterday.

The Republicans came to the meet armed with facts and details. The Republicans showed they not only have a plan but a plan that would place America on the path towards health care opportunities for all Americans. The President was correct when he stated there were philosophical differences. The Democrats believe the ruling elite and government bureaucracy should be making decisions for individuals. The Republicans believe individuals should be making those choices along with their doctors and insurers. Yesterday did provide a stark difference between the parties Democrats believe in inefficient bureaucracy based on the rights of the commune while Republicans believe in individual freedom as long as everyone has equal opportunity.

Most Americans understand and would like to have changes made to health care in America. The premise is lower costs, provide greater coverage, and stop denial of coverage for preexisting conditions. These premises do not seem all that difficult or complicated. Lowering cost can be accomplished by rooting out fraud in the medicare and medicaid programs. Enact Tort reform. I understand the Democrats want to bring up heart breaking stories to play on emotions. I understand mistakes in medical profession happen and mistakes have consequences. However, ambulance chasing lawyers like the liberal hero John Edwards made his millions with malpractice lawsuits that played on emotion rather than facts. Allow insurance to be sold nationally. Don't allow States to keep their people in rather let them out to shop around. Using the interstate commerce clause to force States to allow individuals to shop around for insurance will do more to increase competitiveness than using the interstate commerce clause to enforce mandates on the individuals. Finally allow for people to pool. Establishing a pool for individuals without insurance but who want insurance to be pooled with those with preexisting conditions and the young in college who are mandated to have insurance by the universities.

This didn't seem to complicated to me. Seems I could probably write a bill that would be far less expensive, expand coverage by allowing everyone the opportunity and reign in costs. American health care does require changes to improve but there is no need to overhaul the entire system in a complicated incoherent manner. All that is required is a tuneup of the parts. Health care reform ha no business being complicated.

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Anonymous said...

No, it doesn't have to be complicated, but this isn't a healthcare bill, it's a government run our lives bill, and that takes at least two thousand pages.