Sunday, January 17, 2010

Will Lieberman Endorse Brown?????

The rumor of the day is that Joe Lieberman may endorse Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race. That will become the question of the day. Should Lieberman do the unthinkable and endorse Scott Brown, the left will go insane. They will rail against Lieberman and demand his head on a platter. The left will demand the Democrats remove him from their caucus. I am not sure how true it may be that Lieberman endorses Brown. The rumor may be a vicious rumor giving Republicans hope.

The implications of a Lieberman endorsement are huge for the Democratic Party. A Lieberman endorsement would signify the end of health care reform in its current form. Lieberman must be considering becoming the 41st vote against health care reform. There is no way he would endorse Scot Brown and yet have an inclination to vote for the Obamacare debacle. The Democrats and loony left will be out for blood if Lieberman endorses Brown. Lieberman would not survive the Democratic backlash and would be removed forcing Lieberman either to be truly independent on a lonely island in the halls of the Senate or he would be forced to change caucus affiliation and become a pseudo Republican.

I welcome Lieberman and his endorsement if that is what he chooses. A Lieberman endorsement may or may not put Brown over the top. I don't think it matters if Brown wins or loses in the event of a Lieberman endorsement. The reason for optimism is simple a Lieberman endorsement of Brown will kill the health care reform bill as we currently know it. Go Joe Go. America needs more politicians that place America and her citizens ahead of political party's.


Anonymous said...

If Lieberman endorses Brown I'll fall over.

Anonymous said...

Brown wins!!! Dems lose!! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria! Seriously though, this is awesome. However, Republicans shouldn't make the same mistakes as the Dems did and think an election win is carte blanche to do whatever they please at the expense of the American People. Anyone, Repub or Dem, who does not bend to our will will be voted out! Let's see the Pathetic Pawns spin this!!