Friday, January 15, 2010

Obama Transparency Just Another Lie

Obama promised he would hold negotiations over health care on C-Span. That way Americans could really see who it was the was negotiating for the people and who was negotiating against the people. As everyone now knows that was just another lie. Obama took the negotiations behind the scenes and kept C-Span out of the negotiations.

Instead of transparency Obama negotiated deals behind the scenes under the cover of darkness. Obama secretly negotiated a bad deal with Pharma. Then when the deal was uncovered as a pay to play deal Obama attempted to hide from his secret negotiations. The Democrats in Congress were not happy that Obama hamstringed them. In the end Obama needed Pharma on his side and the money they promised to advertise their support of his reforms and he didn't care as long as the deal was done and he could hide from his secret negotiation.

Then Obama did some arm twisting behind the scenes and negotiated the Ben Nelson deal to get the vote that would push the bill across the finish line. It didn't matter to Obama that the bill gave Nelson and his State a bribe to buy his vote. It didn't matter to Obama that 49 States would have to pay for health care but Nelson's would be exempt. Nope Obama was negotiating behind the scenes and left Nelson to take the heat for his bribe.

Now we find that Obama again made a secret deal. I am sure Pelosi and Reid will be taking the heat. In all likelihood it will Reid that ultimately take the hit as he is not only vulnerable but will probably be announcing his retirement in the next month or so. What is the deal? Well it is a deal to buy off the Unions. The Unions of course will be expempt from the taxes in his plan. Now most Americans will bear the brunt of the tax increases and Obama has secured the money from Unions for years to come.

All of these deals have been negotiated behind closed doors. We find now that the ones negotiating for the people are actually locked out of the room. The ones negotiating against Americans are the very same politicians that promised open and fair negotiations. What a crock these DEMs have become. Obama promises what the masses want to hear but in actions Obama does as he pleases. The pathetic pawns in the media call this pragmatism. Real Americans calls this blatant lies. I wonder if the anger in the American Electorate will finally really throw out all of the career politicians and their backroom deals. The politicians have stolen America from the people. The people must stand up and take America back. We must send the elitists a message that it is the people that own the government and the the other way around. The message Americans need to send is that without the people there is no need for government. Government exists because of the people not in spite of the people.

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