Monday, January 18, 2010

Obama: One Year Later

Obama is 25% through his term as President and yet one year after his election he still blames everything on the previous administration. Obama refuses to take ownership of the economy. Obama refuses to take ownership of rising fuel prices. Obama refuses to listen to the American people. Many of the pathetic pawns in the liberal media have been carrying Obama's water and even have the audacity to compare the Big Zero to Ronald Reagan.

The problem with the analysis and comparison to Reagan is that while Reagan appealed to the People, Obama appeals to his political party. There is no doubt that both Reagan and Obama had a recession upon entering office. The fact is that both Reagan and Obama took the oath of office without knowing the depth of the recession they were facing. That however, is where the similarities end. Reagan pushed for tax cuts to spur economic growth. Obama pushed higher taxes and deficit spending to spur economic growth. Reagan appealed to the people with optimism; a new growth, a new dawn in America. Reagan refused to dwell on his predecessor, instead he preferred to move the country forward. In fact the economy did grow and by 1984 Reagan was one of the most popular Presidents ever. Obama on the other hand refused to listen to the people. Instead he jammed a failed stimulus package through Congress. The failed package was full of pork for pet Democrat projects and light on benefits for the people. Obama constantly blames his predecessor at every turn. In fact he did it again yesterday and Obama has been President for a year now. Obama refuses to listen to the people, instead preferring to listen to his dwindling base and driving the majority of Americans against his policies.

Reagan never had the luxury of having a majority in the house let alone a 60-40 (177 out of 435) split. Reagan never came close to a super majority in the senate. Reagan was forced to work with the Congress from the middle. Reagan would appeal to the American public to garner support and forced the politicians to follow what the people wanted and supported rather than what the political party's wanted and supported. Reagan while a conservative governed from the middle. Obama on the other hand refuses to listen to the will of the people. The bribes and behind the scenes health care reform is a perfect example. Obama isn't appealing to the people he is appealing to his union base. The unions will not have to live with the Obama care taxes. That will be for the rest of the people. On Fox today there was an interesting dialog that shows the socialistic tendencies of the Democratic Party. Rep. Allyson Schwartz believes because the unions negotiated a deal for health benefits in the auto industry that they should be exempt while the individuals that negotiate for themselves in walmart should be forced to pay a tax. Whatever happened to individual freedom in our country. The bottom line folks is that Obama is Liberal before god, Democrat before the people, and himself ahead of the individual.

The bottom line folks is that Obama is no Reagan. Reagan fought for all the people while Obama fights for the people that support his socialist ideals. Reagan was a true populist while Obama is nothing more than a partisan hack. Today the Democrats are scrambling. Many polls are showing the real possibility that the democrats may lose their super majority. Obama, instead of appealing to all Americans, appeals to his base in an attempt to ram an unpopular bill through Congress. There is a reason why the Democrats lost in 1994 and appear to be losing in 2010. The reason is the Democrats are attempting to make America nothing more than another European style failed Socialism. America is a center right country and the Obama lurch to the left is sitting well. Obama may survive the fallout just as Clinton did in 1994, but his cronies in the Congress are committing political suicide. Obama one year later is nothing more than a failed politician. He may give himself a solid B+ but America is not providing Obama a pass.

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Anonymous said...

One year later, The Obama has screwed the pooch so bad that the Dems can't even steal an election right now! The Pathetic Pawns must realize that their god is dying. Bend to the will of the American People or be gone!