Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama Blames Bush For Coakley Loss

Obama just can't admit his administration and Democrats in Congress overreached with health care. Instead of focusing on the economy and the 10% unemployment rate Obama and the Democrats CHOSE, let me say that again CHOSE to rush into health care reform. America realizes that it was irresponsible of Obama to IGNORE the greatest concern to Americans instead of focusing on what was important to the people. Americans are out of work and instead of creating jobs the administration threw handouts to the unemployed through expanded unemployment benefits. The administration took it on faith that the recession would turn around all by itself. The administration assumed the economy would turn around and in fact have been telling us the economy has turned a corner since April. Remember all of those "green shoots". By assuming the economy would correct itself the administration chose to advance its own socialist agenda. In that why Obama felt he would be able to take credit for the economy because he added stimulus to the economy and take credit with his party base by enacting the leftist dream of socializing America.

The free markets took a cool approach to an Obama government. As the government pushed for increased expenses on those that create the jobs, the job creators and investors kept more of their money out of the pipeline. Instead of investing in the future of the companies, these job producers settled on eking out an existence. The government kept telling the job producers the government was going take more of their hard earned dollars to give away to someone else. The wealth redistribution would only be fair. Someone forgot to inform Obama that life isn't fair. All anyone can ask for is the opportunity to succeed. Instead of providing opportunity Obama felt it better to give away free government goodies to his coalition.

Now as everything has backfired on Obama what does he do? Does Obama take the blame for a crushing defeat? Does Obama blame the Democratic Party? Nope not Obama. Somehow even when a Democrat loses an election Obama feels it necessary to blame his predecessor. Thats right folks Coakley lost and Obama somehow blames Bush while being interviewed on ABC. When will Obama take ownership of his office? Obama is 1/4 of the way through his term and here he sits still blaming Bush. You have got to be kidding me.

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