Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Number of The Day Is 3

Today's number of the day is three. Why do I say that? Well it seems Obama sent three administration representatives to three different news shows and the three surrogates came prepared with three different numbers on the number of jobs the stimulus plan created or saved. David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, and Robert Gibbs are no ordinary surrogates either. Axelrod is the "Senior Advisor to the President", Jarrett is the "Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Relations and Public Liaison", and Gibbs is the "Whitehouse Press Secretary".

Each of these three are Whitehouse insiders. They are supposed to know what is happening in the Whitehouse. One would think the messiah would at least be able to train his political henchmen to spew the same talking points or at least have the same numbers. Instead Axelrod claimed Obama and his stimulus farce created or saved over 2 million jobs. Jarrett was very conservative and just said "thousands and thousands" while Gibbs said 1.5 million jobs. Of course none of these insiders even attempted to prove their rosy numbers. The reason being there is no possible way of counting jobs created or saved in a tangible way. The Whitehouse can only rely upon some mythical formula and anecdotal evidence. There is no way to actually know and the honesty challenged President prefers not to be held accountable.

All I can say is the proof is in the pudding. The economy has continuously shed jobs since Obama has been in office. Unemployment is currently at 10% and people are leaving the job market at over 600,000 people per month. Bottom line is these three people on three different shows, with three different bogus numbers show just how inept this administration is. America deserves better than the career politicians in Washington. We need politicians the represent America and not their political party. We need a President that can lead a country rather than a President the believes he is smarter than the people he represents.

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Anonymous said...

Throw out three numbers, maybe one will stick LOL. Also, depending on what argument they want to make in the future, it is always good to have three different baselines to work with. If the numbers vary enough, you can fake uptrends or downtrends as you wish.