Sunday, January 24, 2010

McCain & Clinton were right: Obama not ready

As Team Obama furiously rewrites the speech for Wednesday's State of the Union address, many people are beginning to realize that Hillary and John were right: Obama lacks the competence to effectively govern this nation.

With unemployment rising to somewhere around ten percent over the last year, Obama focused on health care instead of jobs, until Tuesday night. He trusted Pelosi and Reid to craft a health care bill, then carried out a series of back-room bribes to unions and politicians to ensure the bill would get passed. Until Tuesday.

In the aftermath of Scott Brown's election in Massachusetts on Tuesday, Obama was forced to face the fact that his tainted, corrupt health care effort is hugely unpopular with most Americans, and is rapidly diminishing the credibility of his presidency. January has not been kind to Obama, on his one year anniversary of taking power, it is evident that the man is unfocused, disorganized, and out of touch with Americans. After a year, Obama appears to be a man who is overwhelmed not only by the position, but by events.

Obama is often awkward and confused when responding to major events. His delayed response to the foiled terrorist attack on Northwest flight 253 over Detroit was laughable. After sending Janet Napolitano and Robert Gibbs out to insist that the "system worked well", Obama was forced to back track and admit the obvious; the system failed. His reaction to the terrorist attack on Fort Hood that killed 14 people was just as incoherent. Within hours of the massacre it was known that the killer was a radical Islamist, but Obama urged the nation not to jump to conclusions. OK, but it was perfectly acceptable when Obama jumped to (the wrong) conclusion when his buddy in Cambridge was arrested. That event was followed by the Monty Python-like Beer Summit, which only reenforced the fact that Obama truly is a clown.

More infuriating is Obama's insistence that terrorists be afforded the same civil rights and legal protections as American citizens. It is criminal that Obama and his Attorney General have decided to try 9/11 planner KSM and his terrorists buddies in a federal court located at Ground Zero. They are more concerned about protecting the rights of these terrorists, than they are about protecting the lives of Americans. Manhattan will become a terror magnet if this trial is carried out there, and thousands of citizens will be placed in unnnecessary danger, but Obama and his cast of clowns don't care. This is another instance that shows just how far removed the Obama administration is from reality. If New York is struck by a terror attack during the trial, Obama should face impeachment. At the very least, Holder will resign, and the administration will lose all legitimacy and any chance at reelection.

Deprived of health care success, Obama will likely shift to blame Bush mode during his State of the Union address, but after a year that excuse is weak at best. The more he uses that excuse, the more incompetent he appears. After a year it has become obvious that Hillary, McCain, and even Biden were right; Obama has no business occupying the White House. I just hope this country can survive the tsunami of idiots Obama has brought with him, and correct the situation in 2012.


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, he wasn't ready! All of us who weren't entranced by "Hope" and "Change" knew that. But we still had to listen to assclowns like Chris Matthews talk about thrills running up his leg.