Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mainstreet America Won the Battle Of MA

Last night represents but one battle in the fight for America. The American electorate is angry at all politicians and we are just now beginning to see that anger at the polls. However, the political pundits are missing the message Americans are sending. American politics has devolved into an endless blame game. Our politicians are always fully prepared to compete in the politics of personal destruction. All we have to do is analyze what happened in Massachusetts and we will see both the best and worst of American politics. However, the message Americans are sending is being drowned out by the political spin meisters. Typical of the two party system, the politico’s are making this a either or proposition rather than heeding the message of finding middle ground.

Americans sent a message last night. That message is falling on deaf ears in the political arena. The fourth rail of politics is missing the point. The pathetic pawns are analyzing last night results and stating there was a referendum on Obama and the Democrats. I would offer last night was a referendum on American politics and the political status quo. Americans want the politicians to represent the people rather than ideology. Americans have a deep seated will to control government rather than being controlled by the government. Last night’s election was a referendum on politics as usual. All too often the national parties pander to their base rather than to the middle. Instead of governing for the 60 % in the middle the political establishment governs for the 20% fringe elements of their parties.

The pathetic pawns have repeated told Americans how divided we are as a nation. We have become a country of Democrats or republicans, liberal or conservative, or left or right. Very rarely is anything so simple to boil down. Every issue has at least two sides but in all likelihood many more sides. The two party system has made our politics that way. Since 1994 there has been talk in political circles of creating permanent majorities and devising schemes for one party governing. Americans as a whole do not want a one party system. America as a general rule does not have one party control of the government. A divided government is better in the minds of Americans than single party political control. Poll after poll over the past several months has shown Americans are dissatisfied with both political party’s. We can see that from the decline in support of Democrats but no significant increase in support of Republicans.

The pathetic pawns for some reason are not putting 2 and 2 together. The pathetic pawns are so busy carrying water for the Democratic party that instead of seeing the political landscape as an angry with politics as usual electorate the pathetic pawns take solace that their beloved Democratic party isn’t falling below the approval level of the Republicans. The electorate is screaming but the pundits aren’t listening. Senator Scott Brown said it best in his debate, the Senate seat he was running for was not Ted Kennedy’s seat, it was not the Democratic Party seat, but rather it was and is the peoples seat.

In the end I am all but sure the politicos on both sides will make last night’s election appear to be something it is not. The politicos on one side will hail this as a victory for the Republicans. The Republicans will see this victory and trumpet the comeback of the party from the ash pile. They will portray this as a referendum on the Democrats and health care. When in reality it was the people taking their country back from the politics of usual. When Scott Brown remains true to his word and pushes for legislation for the good of his constituents the Republicans will begin calling him a RINO. Right now Scott Brown represents a vote against the health care reform monstrosity so he is good. When he votes more liberal then the party ideology the conservatives will rebel even against the savior of the day. The Democrats will spin this as a poor candidate who run a poor campaign. They will slowly begin to brush this off as an anomaly and push ahead with their partisan agenda. The pundits will push the election as a referendum on the Democrats when in reality it was a referendum on the status quo.

Scott Brown run as a republican but campaigned as an independent. Scott Brown needs to legislate from the same position he campaigned from. He represents the people from Massachusetts. As long as Scott Brown maintains his loyalty to the people of his state rather than the political establishment he will become a fine Senator. We need more candidates that will place the people before the party. In reality that is what America was saying. The country is fed up with politicians who run campaigns from the middle of their electorate and then legislate from their ideology. The message from last night is simple if you are an incumbent and been playing partisan politics you will find yourself out of a job. Martha Coakley run as a political insider. She ran as if just because she was a Democrat she had a divine right to the Senate seat last occupied by Ted Kennedy. Americans do not want political insiders anymore. The tea party movement is all about the middle of America standing up and taking their country back. While both Political parties are framing the tea party movement to their own liking the facts are the movement is representative of main street and not the elitists. The tea party movement is populist in nature.

I know the so called progressives believe they are populist in nature. However nothing could be further from the truth. The progressives of today are the liberals of yesterday under a different name. The populists of today come in the form of a tea party rebellion and act more like the Teddy Roosevelt bull moose party then the liberals. The tea party movement must not allow itself to be hijacked by the Republican party. It must present ideals that come from middle America and vote for the candidate rather than the party. We as a country will never be on the right track until the cesspool in Washington is cleaned up. Last night should be telling the country middle America has found its voice and middle America will petition and protests loudly as the fringes of both parties have been doing for the past two decades. Last night was but one battle won by middle America. Middle America must not lose its focus and win the war against the political system that governs for the party rather than the nation. Our politicians are governing from the perspective of 50% +1 rather than the good of the whole. Anything to win election next time to save the establishment. Middle America must unite and stay united to take the government back from the elitists.

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