Sunday, January 24, 2010

Liberals Just Can't Believe America is Center Right

In the wake of the Massachusetts election the liberals are spewing their screed in editorials across the nation. The liberals are imploring Obama to move even further to the left. Many are making up fats as they go along or drawing conclusions based in fantasy rather than reality. A Hofsta Professor bases his screed on Republican control for the last thirty years. Even though for 18 of those 30 years Democrats were in control of Congress. That is 60% of the time that Democrats controlled congress, yet liberals blame the Republicans for the nations ills. The liberal screed may move Obama even further to the left (if its even possible), but that will only hasten the demise of the democratic party.

Bottom line is what ails America is a two party system where the political parties have stolen America from the people. Ever since 2000 the pathetic pawns have pushed the idea that America was divided and America was polarized. Polarization is what happens when the politicians become beholden to special interest and strive to win election at 50% +1. Read these two articles and see the hatred being spewed by the liberals.

How to Squander the Presidency in One Year (Hofstra Professor David Michael Green)

After the Massachusetts Massacre (NYT Frank Rich)

Liberal hatred for our country will not fix the problems that ail the nation. We are a representative government. Our representatives are supposed to represent us you know the we the people part of the constitution. They are not supposed to be beholden to the special interest representing their political party. Liberals need to get over Massachusetts and come together with middle America and fight for candidates that will represent them and not just a party.


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Anonymous said...

I think they KNOW we're a center-right country, that's why they have to try to trick us into believing their agenda most of the time!