Monday, January 25, 2010

Joe Klein: Americans are Dumb

Joe Klein just completed an American hit piece on his Swampland Blog. In the lunatic mind of one of the pathetic pawns Americans should be grateful for the wasteful stimulus plan enacted by Obama. Americans should be thankful for the "trickle up" economics Obama enacted. In Klein own words Americans are to dumb to thrive.

Klein praises the failed stimulus package for providing 60-80 per month "extra" money we have in our pockets because of the tax cut on 95% of Americans. I find this little comment as ridiculous. What 95% of Americans id he talking about? Unemployment is at 10% and when added to those that quit looking for work it is closer to 20%. What math is Klein using? In my mind it is difficult to provide 95% of the people a tax cut when 10% have no job to tax. This $288 billion would have been better spent on creating jobs for the 17.6% Of Americans searching desperately for their next paycheck so they can pay their bills and grow the economy.

The next point made by Klein is the $275 Billion provided to states in the form of grants and loans. Klein hails this as paying for teachers and jailers. The problem with this argument is the States would not have laid off the teachers or jailers but rather perhaps not provided them a raise. That's right folks the States took the money to fill in budget gaps in order to give raises. Another problem with this argument is that the States have the capability of borrowing money also. The could have placed municipal bonds on the market to keep afloat. Finally the States could have trimmed their bloated budgets cutting bureaucracy and Red tape.

Finally, Klein says the rest of the money hasn't been released yet because well those "shovel ready" jobs don't exist. This money is supposed to go into programs that fit the liberal green agenda. The stimulus is supposed to fund unproven green technology. I guess those bridges that are in need of repair so they don't collapse just aren't really ready to be fixed. I guess in order to be ready for Obama jobs the bridges actually have to collapse and dump the riders into the river before they are shovel ready.

I must wonder who's dumb? The Americans who are out of work seeking promised jobs or the idiot pathetic pawns who will carry Obama's water no matter how rank the water is. Well Joe Klein it is you who is the idiot. No matter how much explaining Obama does his "jobs, Jobs, Jobs," bill has not done the job we were promised. Please Joe go read the news on the housing sales for last month. Please tell me how well off America is with this stimulus bill and then please talk to my children and explain to them why it was such a good idea to spend their future on trickle up economics.


Anonymous said...

To answer your question, it's the Pathetic Pawns that are dumb. The American People simply suffer from an educational system designed to keep them ignorant of the subjects most crucial to being an informed citizen of a modern Republic, such as civics, economics, math, and physical science.

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