Friday, January 1, 2010

The Health Care Rationing Begins

Bloomberg reported today that the rationing of health care will begin immediately. The Mayo clinic in Arizona will stop taking medicare patients. No longer will medicare be accepted because the government pays too little. Yet even though the government pays too little medicare is in the red and will likely deplete the trust fund that is already filled with IOU's within the next decade. Part of the Obamacare plan is to squeeze even more savings from an already broken system.

More and more facilities will stop taking government insurance in the future. The government will be forced to either lower their subsidies to the poor under Obamacare or ration the health care everyone receives. Instead of producing a healthy America and extending the life expectancies, Obama care will shorten our life expectancies. We will be rationed in the amount of care we receive and we will go broke trying to fund it.

Where are the savings going to come from? When Clinics such as the Mayo clinic refuse to see medicare patients that can't pay cash for procedures because reimbursements are to little where are patients supposed to turn to? This monstrosity of a bill must not be passed. This example should inform the lunatic left that their dream of government run health is a nightmare. Every country that has tried this in the past has a failed health care system. Yet Obama and the left believe they have the solution. Then tell me why this clinic is refusing to see patients in the government run program?

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Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think they want to screw up healthcare for the majority of Americans. I'm starting to think the ruling class would be happy if a lot of us died.