Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gaming the System?

Let me ask a simple question: Are the Democrats throwing the special election in MA? I know this is unthinkable. There is no way the Obama, Congressional Democrats, or the national Democrat leadership would secretly undermine Coakley's bid to win the special election for Ted Kennedy's old seat is there? I know the Democrats in MA are busy saying they will just delay swearing in the Republican if he won but would that be the way to push an unpopular bill through Congress? The probability of the Democratic Party leadership throwing this race seems implausible. Yet let there be no doubt the campaign tactics of Coakley at least give the impression that she has no intention of actually winning this race.

As the heat of the Senate race heated up right after Christmas and into the New Year Coakley decided to take a vacation and allow her opponent to have the airwaves and State all to himself. This type of behavior doesn't happen in any open race. Not this close to the election. One must ask themselves why would she take a vacation at such a critical juncture?

Polls show Coakley ahead comfortably but not out of the woods. Scott Brown is making inroads and the lead is much smaller than it should be at this point. A liberal State like MA knows what it means to have a liberal icon in the Senate. The liberal dream of universal health care lies in the hands of the MA voters. Yet the Democratic National Party really isn't anywhere near this race. I don't see Obama or Biden campaigning for Coakley. Both Obama and Biden campaigned harder for Corzine and Deeds in Governor races than they are at keeping the all mighty 60th vote in the Senate. While I can't imagine the Democrats having the audacity to throw a race to maintain political power, what if they are gaming the system?

I am just saying, the health care debacle is weighing the Democrats down. Health care has already taken its toll on two Democratic Senators that will not be seeking re-election. Both Dodd and Dorgan are responsible for the Senate bill filled with bribes for other Senators. Both have all time low approval ratings and both had little to no chance at re-election. Senator Reid is losing to every Republican running and most of the Republicans are not widely known. Senator Ben Nelson who provided the 60th vote recently is down big in a hypothetical 2012 race. The Cook Report says that the Republicans could indeed win back enough seats in the house to take control. These are but a few reasons why the Democrats may be secretly hoping Coakley loses. One may ask why?

The answer is the democrats know their bill is unpopular. They know they are going to take a major hit in November and may even lose control of the house. The Democrats know they will in all likelihood lose effective control of both the House and the Senate even if they do not lose the outright majority. Their Liberal agenda is over in November and the Democrats will actually have to work from the middle. That means no cap and trade. That means immigration reform is dead on arrival. That mean the global warming scare will remain on the fringes where it belongs. Yet the Democrats also know there is no way to back out of the health care bill as long as there are 60 Senators with a "D" following their names.

So why not throw the race in MA? Should Scott Brown actually win in MA the health care proposal in Congress is dead on arrival. Brown represents a scapegoat. The 41st Republican. If health care was to then fail the Democrats would simply go on the offensive and portray the Republicans as killing health care reform. They could again run on health care reform and maybe minimize their loses in November. The democrats may feel they hold on to effective power in both Congressional houses and give Obama his victory in 2011 so he can campaign on health reform passing. There may be a hope in the Democratic party that losing in MA may not be so bad. Coakley could run again in 2012 and would probably win hands down in a race where Obama was on the top of the ticket. The democrats would have their scapegoat, keeping their base intact. I wouldn't put this past the Democrats.

Right now the Democrats are looking for a way out of health care without taking any blame. The know there are boxed in a corner right now. If they fail to enact health care reform their base will revolt. The Democratic base understands there is no way the Republicans can block this legislation in either chamber. Right now the Democrats in power understand failure under current conditions is entirely their fault in the eyes of their party base voters. Brown represents a scapegoat; A way for Democrats to blow up the legislation and pass the blame to Republicans. The Democrats know they would be able to frame the debate as the party that stopped a sure thing against the party that tried to do something, anything to get the health debate moving forward. The democrats know this is a bad bill and one they will take massive loses for next November. Brown represents a chance for the Democrats to start over. A chance to save themselves and turn their focus on the economy with something left to run on for next year. Coakley represents a long arduous trek to sure defeat in November.

While it may seem far fetched to think the Democrat party would lose this vote intentionally. But don't put anything past them. The Democrats want the power to force their will upon the public. They may be smart enough to understand they may need to take a loss today to better fight tomorrow. The Democrats need this legislation to fail. They just don't know how to do it without losing in MA. As far fetched ad this may be the Democrats may be gaming the system. My suggestion: Should Brown win in 10 days, investigate bribes that may have been given to Coakley to throw the race.

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Anonymous said...

I think they just aren't concerned about losing. This is a new age. If they win, they win. If they lose within any margin that they can challenge by law, they will. A Republican needs to win by a large margin to actually win. Otherwise they'll just recount over and over again until the Democrat wins, then they'll declare,"No more recounts!" They'll let a governor lose here and there because we all know governors don't matter anymore because the feds run everything. No way they let this senate seat go. They may have to worry about the mid-terms coming up, if only because of the sheer volume of races to fix. I don't know if it can be done, and the accusations nation-wide of Republican wrong-doing that would be necessary strain credibility. I hope you're right though, cheesy way out of health care or not, it would be better for the country.