Friday, January 22, 2010

The Elitist

The Obama administration, democrats, and liberals are licking their wounds after the spectacular defeat suffered in Massachusetts this week. Instead of reanalyzing their elitist attitudes Obama masquerades as a populist. Obama is a progressive and liberal. Obama quite simply is an elitist. In Obama's heart of hearts he truly believes his press clippings. Obama is in love with himself and believes he is smarter and more intelligent than anyone else. Obama won the presidential election by claiming a populist theme. In reality it was a sham.

In the debates, Obama ridiculed McCain for outlining a health reform bill that taxed health care plans. Obama in fact wouldn't even allow McCain to explain the plan. Obama said he would never tax health insurance plans. Low and behold once elected Obama backed a plan to tax health insurance plan. Obama ridiculed McCain for his proposal to place a cap on spending to rein in deficits. Obama said across the board cuts were unneeded and that he would take a scalpel and surgically remove waste. Once elected Obama increased spending, tripled the already record deficit in one year and pushed for and signed a stimulus bill to create "jobs, jobs, jobs" We were promised 3.6 million jobs would be saved or created. Instead we got millions of of jobs lost and destroyed. Obama his liberal agenda would keep unemployment under 8%. Toay unemploy,ment stands at 10%and will rise significantly in the short term. The stimulus that promised main street jobs instead produced pork projects that could not account for actual jobs. Instead once the ridiculous job creation or saved model was exposed as a fraud, the answer came to rid us of accountability and just claim as many jobs being created or saved as the administration desired.

Obama took his eye off the economic ball. After throwing almost a trillion dollars at the pork laden bill called stimulus he left the economy alone. Rather than focus on the economy for the people Obama turned to his liberal and socialist agenda. Obama demanded a health care bill by August. The health care bill he proposed was nothing more than a government takeover of 17% of our nations economy. Obama appealed to mainstreet and promised cheaper and better healthcare, when in reality he demanded a bill that would create another government entitlement program that would spiral our ountry towards bankruptcy. Obama went to Copenhagen to push his socialist agenda on the environment. Obama did this knowing full well global warming hysteria proved to be a fraud.

Obama has proven that he believes he can conceal his elitist view. Obama is an idealist who lives in a make believe world. Obama's agenda is a Utopian agenda that can never exist. The liberal mindset and talking points that appeal to the heart come up short on balance and reality. When a liberal says "what if it was your child denied health care, would you be so against the reform?" Of course everyone desires a perfect world. Everyone desires a Utopia of some sort. But most people live in the real world and understand balance is necessary. Obama promises the world as if the all mighty dollar is limitless. In reality, everything is finite including the dollar. Obama masquerades as a populist. He claims to be fighting for the people. In reality Obama is pushing a progressive (read liberal) agenda in search of the socialist dream. In the real world, main street Americans are in search of the American dream. The dream of the next generation having a better life than the current generation. Americans want to have their basics needs fully satisfied with enough left over to meet higher level wants and desires. Obama populist rhetoric promises that we can have everything, all of our wants and desires fulfilled. On main street we realize this is fantasy. However, to the elitist thats the way it should be.

The reason Obama seems to be caught in his lies and awful lot is because he is an elitist. His agenda is far to the left of main street America that he has to attempt to appeal to mainstreet by portraying himself as fighting for the middle class. Obama lectures us on sacrifice as he lavishes himself in luxury all the while claiming to be fighting for the people. Now the people have spoken. As Nancy Pelosi says "elections have consequences". The people ensured Obama would not be able to jam his liberal policies down America's throat. Obama response is to hit the campaign trail appealing to the people with his lofty rhetoric to hide his true elitist plan to socialize our country. Obama ridiculed "Joe the Plumber" because he doesn't understand middle America. Right now Obama simply can't believe his policies have been rejected. Obama in his narrow view now believes a little campaign smoke and mirrors will hide his elitist agenda. Let me tell you folks Obama is an elitist in populist clothing. Put another way you can take an elitist out of the luxury and down on mainstreet but you can never make him just another main street American. Obama doesn't really believe the peasants have anything to offer. Obama the elitist believes he is smarter than everyone else.


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Well, the Pathetic Pawns have told him how smart he is so many times even he has to believe it!

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