Sunday, January 24, 2010

Deficit: Can't Be Fixed Within

Next week our government plans on raising the debt limit ceiling another $1.9 trillion dollars. This increase in the debt limit ceiling is required because the government can't get its fiscal house in order. Somehow the government believes that the only way to get out of debt is to go further into debt. This failed philosophy has been tried over and over again with individuals across the nation. What makes the government believe they will be able to accomplish the impossible. The bottom line is the government can not fix its own appetite for spending and nothing the government doe will do anything but push us closer to the edge of disaster through bankruptcy.

The Obama administration squandered all of its political capital on the failed health care reform fiasco. Instead of focusing on what is important to Americans the administration decided to push a radical agenda. The pathetic pawns in the media are attempting to hi-jack the storyline and change the theme from one of failure to one of triumph. The pathetic pawns in a slight of hand tell us to not look beyond the successes of this administration. The pathetic pawns claim Obama averted a depression and keep claiming the economy is improving. However, the facts tell a much different story. The original $700 billion dollar TARP out the financials allowing the banks to keep their heads above water and that was passed pre-Obama. The Obama stimulus was supposed to create jobs and increase employment through shovel ready jobs. Instead for all the money spent on "saving and Creating" jobs we the people received nothing except government handouts for pet liberal constituencies.

My fear is Obama will move full speed ahead with his disastrous policies. Sure he will attempt to blame Bush for all that ails America, but it is high time he take ownership for his failures. Since Scott Brown sent shock waves through the liberal establishment on 19 JAN 201o, Obama has been out masquerading as a populist. This is another slight of hand. Obama the elitist is trying to tell America how he feels their pain. Obama is telling Americans he understands their anger. The problem is Obama is a liberal, liberals can't call themselves liberals and still have credibility so the liberals hide under the term "progressive". Now as the Obama administration has shown its ineptness the pathetic pawns are attempting to allow Obama and the liberals hide under another hi-jacked term: Populist. The problem is the liberals in this country are not progressive nor populist. They are elitist, naive idealists, and Utopian dreamers. Bottom line the liberals, progressives, populists, or whatever the elitist decide to call themselves tomorrow can not fix the underlying problems with the economy.

The administration announced another gimmick plan to show just how much he gets what Americans want. The gimmick plan is establishing a "bi-partisan" deficit task force made up of Democrats and Republicans. A government commission. This is like having the fox guarding the hen house decide how keep the predators out. The 18 member panel is supposed to make recommendations on spending cuts and tax increases to fix what ails the spendthrift government. What this really means is the panel will be charged with recommending tax increases. There is no way a spendthrift government will reduce any spending other than perhaps a token cut here and there. The commission won't be charged with finding tax cuts that would spur economic growth instead tax increases. Obama's plan is to get the commission to propose tax increases so that when he breaks his promise of no tax increases he can blame the commission to keep his hands clean.

The bottom line here is it is the job of the President to outline a budget. It is the job of Congress to pass a budget through appropriations bills. Now instead of actually doing their job the administration will outsource his responsibility. What is needed is a balanced budget amendment. What is needed is a hard ceiling on American debt. What is needed is a fiscally responsible government. The pathetic pawns in the media may push the idea that debt isn't necessarily bad in tough times but as I wrote before perpetual debt will crush the economy. America will crumble under the weight of ever increasing debt if we do not get our fiscal house in order.

The Democrats blame Bush for the debt he placed upon American. They love to point out that Clinton was responsible for a budget surplus. While I am no fan of Clinton I will give credit where credit is due. Clinton did balance the budget. Clinton was forced to balance the budget by the Republican led Congress. Both deserve credit. The problem now is that the balanced budget was a house of cards. While at the time there appeared to be a surplus the reality is all that happened is the government did not drain the social security lockbox. Instead of replacing all of the money for future social security payments with T Bills and IOU's, we were able to keep some of the monies in the lockbox. The balanced budget in the late 1990's was a charade.

The spendthrift government is incapable of being fiscally responsible. The government has too many pet projects to fund and too many lobbyists and organized constituents to please. Both parties are guilty. Whether it be corporations, small businesses, defense contractors, trial lawyers, unions, or environmentalists, both parties are beholden to their big campaign contributors and both parties are out of touch with the people in this country. America will continue down the path of destruction until we the people take the country back. We the people must demand a balanced budget. We the people must demand an end to lobbyists. We the people must demand an end to the special interests. We the people must demand our government listen to us. Neither party in American politics understand real Americans. Both political Party's are owned by the special interests. Middle America must start electing people that represent our objectives. We must elect true representation and quite electing representatives of the Party establishment and special interests.

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Anonymous said...

Yes both parties are at fault, but the Democrats act like it doesn't even matter! It's hard to admit you're wrong and change course when the Pathetic Pawns are carrying water for you endlessly!