Friday, January 15, 2010

Coakley Really is trying to Throw The Election

Martha Coakley is really trying to throw her special election. It wasn't bad enough that she took for granted she had the win in the bag and took a six day vacation less than a month before the election. No Martha had to then go out and spit upon the Red Sox Nation and ridicule Scott Brown for being being at Fenway shaking hands in the cold while she sat in the comfort of her home because of her connection. Yet dumping on the Red Sox faithful was not even enough. No Coakley had to then dis the Catholics and told them they should be finding other work instead of working in emergency rooms. Yet dissing the Catholics wasn't enough. No coakley had to show just how ignorant she really is by saying Curt Shilling the Red Sox hero, he who shed his blood making his sox truly red was really a Yankee fan.

Coakley is an out of touch elitist. Coakley doesn't know her state. Coakley alienates huges segments of the electorate in her state. Coakley believes in the bottom of her heart that the seat should be hers simply because she has a "D" following her name. She didn't believe she should have to campaign. The Democratic machine including the DNCC had to come to her rescue. The Democratic machine has tried everything from running against Bush to running against Sarah Palin. None of this to any avail. Scott Brown hit the nail on the head when he said it was the people's seat. The elitists have told everyone this is Teddy Kennedy's seat. Brown made the people realize it was indeed their seat and they could elect whomever they desired and it doesn't necessarily be a Democrat.

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