Saturday, January 23, 2010

Can't Lead? Change The Rules!

The President's highest priority on his agenda is a hostile takeover of health care. While health care is not the American people's highest priority, there is broad support for giving health care in our country a tuneup. In some ways Obama, Democrats, and the liberals have the right idea, they all understand a majority of Americans favor changes in the health insurance industry. However, what Obama, Democrats, and liberals do not understand is that Americans want a tuneup and not an overhaul. Most Americans understand government is not the answer.

The Democrats have lost any chance of sweeping health care legislation this year. When Scott Brown won the Massachusetts vacant Senate seat by running as the 41st vote against health care the democrats were sunk. After Brown won the Democrats could no longer rule by brute force. No longer could Obama, Pelosi, and Reid be the bully in the room. Now the gang of three have to lead. They have to reach out and actually work with all members of Congress to give our health care system the tuneup the American people desire. However, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are incapable of leading.

Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have been busy the past few days, weeks, and months, railing against the filibuster. This trio of incompetence know the system for they have used it well when they were in a minority just 4 years before. Yet rather than work within the system and lead as they promised this trio of elitists shut down debate. Obama trumpeted "I won", and "the time for talking is over". Pelosi derided Americans as being fringe elements, terrorists, and nazi's for opposing her bully approach. Pelosi said "Elections have consequences". Reid rather than wait for his committees to finish their bi-partisan bill took over the bill wrote elements behind closed doors and ruined any possibility of obtaining broad support for health care reform.

Now this trio of bully's and the pathetic pawns are calling the Republicans obstructionists. Nothing could be further from the truth. Over the course of the last year, Republicans have not used the filibuster to stop anything the Democrats pushed forward. Let me say that again, there has not been a Republican filibuster against Obama's priorities, not one. Yet the left who had a filibuster proof Senate and a 78 seat majority in the house couldn't agree amongst themselves. Reid had to bribe Democrats in his caucus, Pelosi had to bully her caucus, and Obama sat on the sidelines. This trio of socialists didn't lead, couldn't lead, and refused to lead. No that they can no longer just bully their own party and have been forced to at least bring Republicans into the discussion they want to change the rules.

The entire left including the Democratic water carriers in the media are demanding changes in the filibuster rule. Just like Massachusetts the Democrats want to game the system. Remember when John Kerry was running for President? Senator Ted Kennedy lead an effort to have Massachusetts change a law so Mitt Romney a Republican could not name a replacement for Kerry had he won the Presidency. Fast forward 5 years an the Democrats again changed the rules, this time to allow the Democrats to name a replacement for Ted Kennedy. Unable to lead, the democrats just change the rules.

Senator Tom Harkin is now pushing a bill to change the Senate rules on filibuster. The democrat party leaders have not been able to bully the American public and force their socialism down our throats. Instead of leading and working for the American people this bill is designed to thwart the will of the people. The Democrats and the left complain that nothing of substance can get through Congress with out a super majority. The underlying meaning is that one party must have at least 60 members in their caucus to overcome the filibuster and pass legislation. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Every administration has been able to pass major legislation of some sort. Reagan made sweeping changes in the economy and never enjoyed a super majority of Republicans. Bill Clinton passed major legislation regarding our social network and welfare while the Republicnas were in charge of Congress. So while it is true bills must overcome the filibuster it is disingenuous to make believe one party must have a super majority to overcome the filibuster. The left ideals go against the majority of America so they want to make changes so it is easier to bully their crap through Congress.

The Democrats have a long history of changing the filibuster rule. In 1917 the Democrast made the cloture rule requiring 67 Senators to overcome debate. Although, the constitution said individual Senators had enough power to derail legislation. The Democrats said it was ridiculous that an individual Senator could hold up legislation and changed the rules. In 1975, again the Democrats found it difficult to force their will on America and changed the rules reducing the cloture rules to 60 Senators to overcome a filibuster. Now again the Democrast want to lower the bar simply because their agenda is unpopular and they need to bar lower to pass their own garbage even though they had a super majority until last Tuesday.

Instead of leading the Democrats would rather bully. Typical of the competition averse Democrats instead of trying harder to win over the detractors the democrats will just change the rules. Funny how the Democrats used the filibuster for 6 years against Bush but now they want to change the rules when Obama is in office. The filibuster must remain in place. We must have a way for the minority party to have a voice. A majority of Americans are against the liberal agenda of the Obama, Pelosi, Reid triad but because they have a majority in Congress the triad feels it is their right to force their will upon the people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our Congressional leaders and government representatives have a responsibility to lead but have no right to go against their constituents.

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Anonymous said...

Of course you don't need 60 votes, unless you make it CLEAR that you won't work with the other side at all, and try to cram BS like Obamacare down the throats of Americans. In that case, it is absolutely essential!