Wednesday, January 6, 2010

.....And So It Begins

So begins the raping of America. The architects of the socializing of America intend on ruining America and then run off to the hills to hide. Instead of re-evaluating their short sighted utopian ideals that are against the popular will of the people they represent the ideologue Democrats instead will implement law and then run off to retirement.

Two Democratic Senators in the last two days have decided they cannot possibly win their reelection bids and have decided to retire. These lonely democrats will pass the abominable health care takeover and then retire. Both off the clowns know their socialistic ideas are against mainstream America. They understand they are unpopular along with their ideas. Both these clowns know the veil has slipped and they have been targeted for the corrupt politicians that they are.

Senator Dorgan from North Dakota feigned a bi partisan approach to health care. His approach was to mask the takeover as a bi partisan effort to portray the Republicans as the “party of no”. When the town hall meetings became a public outcry instead of the liberal fawning that was expected the “party of no” concept was tossed out the window. Dorgan then went along and pushed a partisan bill out of his committee with out any support from the minority party whatsoever. What finally emerged from the Democrats was a pork laden bill were America had to repurchase Louisiana and bribe the corn huskers. Now Dorgan after completing his evil deed is going to run away and hide. The dirty work is done.

Senator Dodd is being rejected for his corrupt practices and sweetheart deals. The financial crisis America faces is as much his fault as it is any politician. Between him and Barney Frank forcing financial institutions to make bad loans and personally benefitting from the institutions he protected Dodd has been found to be the poster child for corruption in the Senate. Dodd also will vote for his utopian dream regardless of the will of the people. Dodd will do his part to ruin America and fade off into the sunset his evil deed complete.

Wake up America. When one party announce retirements in droves due to unpopular positions but stick the knife in before they leave that is the ultimate in treason. They Democrats are waving the white flag of surrender all the while their last act will be to bankrupt America. We as a country must stand up now and take our country back before it is too late. There is no doubt that more retirements will follow in the next few weeks as the Democrats move us closer to the point of no return. Are we as a country really going to allow the Democrats to push us over the cliff only to retire on the public dole? As Americans it is our duty to stand up and make our voices heard. Maybe the Tea party activists have the right idea. A national week of strike may be the best medicine. Withholding the output Americans produce will starve the government of its resources required to run the country. Businesses that are against the raping of America should shut their doors for a week. People should stay away from businesses that refuse to close their doors. Stop feeding the government that is intent on taking away the American dream. The dismantling has begun of both the fabric that makes America great and the party that is intent on socializing America. The Party that is ruining America is also bailing out on America.

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Anonymous said...

These assclowns are toast in November and they know it. All we'll have to do is show up. The Pathetic Pawns are losing their hold on the American People, and our moment of triumph will come! Lots of luck to Obama without a super-majority. It'll be a lot of work undoing all of this madness.