Saturday, December 19, 2009

Threading the Needle

This morning an announcement was made that Senator Ben Nelson sold his soul, his state, and the country for a few measly dollars. Instead of standing on principle or standing by the voters in Nebraska, Nelson decided that he would allow Senator Harry Reid thread the needle. The sun is now setting on America and the American dream.

Poll after poll shows America is against this particular bill. It is a bad bill where no one wins and America loses. The government and the democrats now own the impending bankruptcy of our country. We will become a a two class society like any other despotic form of government. We will have the ruling elite in charge of rationing our health care and we will have a working class sent to the death house as soon as they are no longer able to benefit the ruling class.

Americans all understand the need to fix what is wrong with the health care in our country. This should have been an honest debate with ideas from across the country. A debate of ideas that would have been a cross section of the country. Instead what we received was a partisan bill intended to rob America of its very soul. The partisan bill is unpopular even within the ruling party. Even the leaders of the Democratic Party have resigned themselves to the fact that they are only passing something to say they passed a bill. Even the Democratic party leadership knows this is a bad bill. Yet they will pass it forward for political reasons.

Our two party system has failed America. Our forefathers envisioned a country that represented the country. The two party system has robbed us of that representation. We have become a country where the ruling party makes the rules up as they go along and where the majority party passes ideological bills intended for the base of their parties. The sun is setting on the ideals that have made America great. When this debacle does finally pass America will go bankrupt. The costs will increase to the point where the government won't be able to print money fast enough to keep afloat. The promised reduction in costs will never be realized. Just look to history. Has any government program every come in under budget and on time. Where is the so called peace dividend? What happened to social security and Medicare and medicaid? All of these programs are set to start running in the red within the next decade. A government can only squeeze so much blood from the taxpayers before there is no more. Within a decade of this bill taking effect, America will have become a failed state.

Threading the needle will only result in a faster paced journey to destruction. America needs an internal debate that throws the two party system out with the red ink. The partisan bickering of grown men and women is sickening. Our politicians have stolen the country from its citizenry. This is all done for the next election and not for the good of the people. Good luck my fellow Americans, we are going to need all the luck we can get if we are to survive in the future. We need a new dawn in America; but we have received a death sentence. Our only chance of reprieve is to throw out the bums and start following the constitution of the United States.


Anonymous said...

Tell 'em Lizard! The Republicans had the chance to show us how it's done. But instead they became so drunk with power that they were almost as bad as Democrats. The problem is, when Republicans go on-and-on about fiscal restraint, nobody believes them.

Anonymous said...

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