Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pre 9/11 Viewpoint Again Fails America

Time and time again the Democrats want to return America to the 9/10 mindset. The Democrats are whining because they are being taken to task for their failures to keep America safe. Two brazen attacks on America in the last two months and the Democrats can not figure out why Americans are questioning their National Security policies. New York Representative Eric Massa whined on the Ed Schultz show that Former Vice President Cheney's comments were unwarranted and challenged Cheney to a debate.

The current administration has failed America and I welcome any debate with any Democrat. Average Americans could debate Mr. Massa and clean his clock. All that is required is basic knowledge of the events that have occurred over the last two months. First an Islamic terrorist of Arab descent went to work one morning and killed 13 soldiers and military members. Another 30 were wounded. Yet the liberals in the administration and the media could not bring themselves to condemn the attack as a terrorist attack. The administration, democrats, and liberal press couldn't bring themselves to admit that an Islamic terrorist attacked America on home soil for the first time since 9/11. Instead the liberals attempted to hide the facts out of fear of racial and ethnic profiling. This attack was caused by the democrats, liberals, and media attempting to be "Politically Correct". The press spun this attack as "an isolated incident". The act of a singular mad man out of touch with reality.

Next there was the attack on Christmas day. The democrat water boys of the liberal press refused to even identify the terrorist because of his Muslim name. Janet Napolitano claimed the "system worked" when in fact the system was a catastrophic failure. Obama for his part came out as said "this is an isolated incident", when in fact it was a well planned attack that would have had catastrophic results if not for the brave and heroic Americans on board the fateful flight. The problem isn't that America's airport security system failed in this case. No the problem was a case of intelligence agencies not talking to each other. Our intelligence communities and State department had the information required to place this terrorist on a no fly list. Instead the State department placed a note in his file to further investigate during a Visa renewal process at a later date.

Both the Ft. Hood incident and Panty bomber incident have commonality. First just because the democrats and Obama say these are "isolated cases" doesn't make that true. On the contrary, both of these incidents were planned by Muslim Cleric Anwar Awlaki. Second both individuals were of the Islamic faith. No matter how much the head in the sand liberal want to defend the dangerous religion it won't change that the religion itself is a failed institution. Third there are more terrorists on their way to America. The British have been tracking individuals from their country that are currently training in Yemen. The Panty bomber also made such a claim. Yet the water boys from the press want to claim both the Ft. Hood terrorist and the panty terrorist had psychological problems.

The Democrats have been busy blaming Bush for these debacles. Funny how Bush kept us safe with zero attacks on American Soil for 7 years. Obama has one in his first year. Obama and his meaningless "America Apologizes" speeches has done nothing except embolden our enemies. Iran is more boisterous than ever and has passed yet another Obama deadline. Terrorist have started attacking on American soil again. Obama is busy attempting to close our base in Cuba. The justice department is busy bringing the 9/11 mastermind to US soil for a criminal trial. The media and Obama are busy claiming "isolated incidences". Senator Chris Dodd is busy killing Aviation security in the name of earmarks for his pet projects. Janet Napolitano is busy claiming the system worked.

The problem with Democrats is that they have a pre 9/11 mindset. The Democrats believe everything is isolated and a few criminal trials under the American justice system will stop the attacks. The Democrats believe they can round up the planners and masterminds of individual attacks and that will stop the terrorists. Unfortunately the war is with a fanatical religion. At the core is a religion that preaches hatred, war, and death to non believers. The terrorists are not a small isolated group. The terrorists are a movement with millions of followers. I personally challenge Eric Massa to a debate. His 9/10 mindset would be easy to belittle and poke holes in. The Democrats appear weak on National security because they are weak. The Democrats have been a miserable failure when it comes to keeping America safe.


Anonymous said...

Tell 'em Lizard. It's unfortunate that that's what we get when we collectively elect these assclowns (Dems) to absolute power. They suck so bad that even with absolute power they can only pass legistlation with HUGE bribes to members of their own party! How can we reasonably expect these people to protect us? Sure, they'll make new rules to inconvenience everybody, but I don't expect the crew that invented the term "Man-Made Disasters" to actually make us any safer. In fact, the weak posture may even invite more attempts.

Anonymous said...

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