Thursday, December 24, 2009

Obama Legacy: The Dependent Society

The American Socialist movement is in the house. Today will be remembered in history as the day America died. The Democrats in the federal government have voted against their constituents and passed a partisan bill aimed at destroying everything in America that made her the envy of the world. The Senate passed a bill that will soak the rich and redistribute their wealth on the lazy and illegal aliens. Never before in the History of the United States Senate has one party passed landmark legislation with no support from the minority party. Roosevelt passed landmark legislation in during the Great Depression with bi partisan support. Johnson and the Great society age passed civil rights and other landmark legislation in the 1960’s again with bi partisan support. However, Obama couldn’t muster any bi partisan support for his debacle in health care.

Today’s formality proves just how unprincipled our politicians have become. Today the mask has fallen from the face of the pathetic pawns in the media. Senator’s Nelson, Dodd, Lincoln, and others sold out their principles (if they ever had any) for ear marks and bribes. In the case of Nelson his constituents overwhelmingly disapprove (over 60%) of the Senate bill. Yet for $100 million dollars Nelson sold his vote over his own objections to abortion language and over rode the majority of his constituents. In the case of the pathetic pawns they are spinning this as a great hard fought victory. Yet it was not a great victory and it was only fought within the Democratic Party. From 1994 to 2006, every bill in Congress was passed “largely along partisan lines” according to the pathetic pawns. Now a bill that passed entirely along partisan lines is hailed as a major victory for the democrats.

This is no victory for America. The bill for this debacle will become due and payable in the future. The Democrats managed to push the benefits down the road until 2013 or 2014 but we have the “privilege” of paying for it almost immediately. The true costs associated with this bill will remain unknown until well after the next Presidential election. Yesterday the Congressional Budget Office recognized and admitted their estimate was wrong. The CBO stated the bill will cost us billions of dollars not covered. This is not budget neutral and the double accounting gimmicks will send our country into bankruptcy.

We already know that previous liberal pyramid schemes are bankrupting our country. Social Security is broke and will begin running in the red soon. The so called “lock box” in empty. As the baby boomers begin to retire ( the recession is causing the acceleration of these retirements) the drain on the social security empty chest will grow. There is also no money to pay our medicare commitments. Both Social Security and Medicare are set to begin running in the red over the next five years. Now the Democrats have decided to add another pyramid scheme with health care. Passing legislation with double accounting mechanisms and faulty logic is a disaster waiting to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, governmental safety nets should be in place to assist those that are less fortunate. There should be programs in place to teach those less fortunate to become productive members of society. America should ensure a level playing field where everyone has an opportunity to succeed. However, providing handouts to people and expecting nothing in return does nothing except promote laziness in society. We need reforms in health care. Being denied coverage for pre existing conditions isn’t the right thing to do. Government should help with that. Being denied coverage after the fact isn’t right either. Malpractice liability and tort reform is also required. However, we should not be mandating people purchase anything. The federal government has no business telling me I have to purchase health insurance. Now that the government believes they can tell me I have to purchase health insurance, what is to stop them from telling me I have purchase a car from either Chrysler or GM. For that matter what is to stop the government from forcing Americans to purchase anything the ruling elite find to fit their perfect utopian ideals? Everyone needs a windmill to generate their own electricity. Everyone needs to purchase solar panels. Everyone needs to purchase vegetarian meals.

Now that the government has proven they can pass bills taking away individuals rights and freedoms there is nothing left for the citizenry to do. America will no longer be the envy of the world. Instead it will become a failed Despotic State. The Socialists believe in the rights of the society first and foremost, damn individual freedom. America used to raise future generations to become independent thinkers. We have always been an inventive society led by innovative thinkers. The left is stealing American ingenuity and will relegate us to the trash bin of history. Like other great societies through history America will crumble. What was the great experiment in self determination will become the world’s greatest socialist failure. While the left hails “It takes a village to raise a child” I am of the belief it takes individual freedom to build the village. The new America the democrats intend for is a dependent society. A society where the individual depends on government to meet their every need. A society maintained by the ruling elite, a society doomed to failure, a dependent society with no incentive to progress.

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Anonymous said...

Our country dies while the Pathetic Pawns cheer. Let us hope that the Supreme Court can save us from this madness. I mean, it IS unconstitutional.