Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obama Is Bankrupt Not America

Barack Obama is the one that is bankrupt and not America. Obama is bankrupt of ideas and worse bankrupt morally. Obama has no shame, no humility, and no honor. A day after Obama claimed that a health care bill is required to stave off an American bankruptcy where is the American President? With the urgency suggested by his comments yesterday he should be in Washington forging the way ahead for health care reform. Perhaps Obama is traversing the country rallying support for the health care reform bill. No not Obama, he is not in America fighting for the health care bill he believes will stave off bankruptcy. Obama wails against inaction one day and travels off to Copenhagen on yet another boondoggle. Instead of fighting for America, Obama has decided it far more important to sell America out.

In light of the data manipulation global warming fanatics Obama should have called in his science advisor and demanded answers. Instead Obama shrugged off the cheating scientists and said "the science is settled". Obama had the perfect opportunity to stay home and work a bi-partisan solution to our health care issues. After all health care will bankrupt America, and global warming is a fraud. Instead Obama like any religious fanatic decided to attend the global warming summit to fore a deal based on fraudulent data.

Morally, this president should be leading a country on the brink of bankruptcy, instead he his pushing us closer to the edge. Obama's trillion dollar spending spree on anything based in liberal propaganda is what is responsible for bankrupting this country. Remember the stimulus package that was supposed to create and save 3.5 million jobs? Well over 5 million jobs have been lost or destroyed since that trillion dollar debacle. Now the Congress wants to spend even more in the name of jobs. So while our economy is destroying jobs Obama believes it prudent to go to another liberal left religious think tank to push for global warming funds. Instead of making a new dawn in America, Obama has decided to tap in the remaining nails into the American coffin. The spend happy Obama doesn't seem to understand he recorded record debt in his first year. And not just any record, no Obama shattered the previous record by at least 300 %. America is not bankrupt and we will again see morning in America. It is Obama that is bankrupt and devoid of humanity.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Obama is bankrupt, and soon so shall we be! The way the Pathetic Pawns are telling it you'd think he was saving the world from the GLOBAL WARMING MONSTER!!! He and this congress are going to run the printing presses until they melt. It may work for him. FDR systematically destroyed the economy and was reelected three times. When things get that bad, people (even good, hard working people) become so happy to receive any little crumb that falls from the king's table. We are going broke!!!