Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ignoring the obvious about Obama

On Christmas day 2009, a Muslim terrorist, recruited, trained, and equipped by al Qaeda boards a flight in Amsterdam headed to Detroit, and attempts to murder almost 300 people by detonating an explosive in mid-air. Only dumb luck and quick action by passengers saved Northwaest flight 253 from going down in flames.

Yet Obama, in full denial mode and despite all evidence to the contrary, would have us believe that this was the act of an "isloated extremist". In his dreams. Can the President of the United States possibly be this ignorant? The answer is no, although his head of Homeland Security could be the poster child for dangerously ignorant human beings. Obama chooses to believe that his bowing, boot-licking, apologist foreign policy strategy will neutralize radical Muslims, make them like us and prevent terror attacks. Obviously this plan is not working, but Obama is unwilling to recognize that fact.

Not being George Bush got Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, not taking the terrorist threat seriously will only get Americans killed. The question here is not when will the president get serious about combating terrorism, but whether he is even capable of it. Obama still resides in some never-never land where America is not only the primary threat to world peace, but is also the root cause of all terrorist activities. Until this man embraces reality, Americans are in great danger indeed.

Despite Obama's long standing grudge against all things George Bush, the flight 253 incident, and the delayed/ridiculous reaction of his administration is all Obama. Janet Napolitano, Obama's choice to head Homeland Security, was laughable at best when stating that "the system worked". She recanted those idiotic words a day later when she was forced to admit that the system did not work. Damage control will most likely cost the deranged Napolitano her job.

Why does Barack Hussein Obama refuse to stand up and acknowledge the threat from radical Islam? We can no longer afford to ignore the obvious.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Napolitano loses her job, but I understand that that won't happen until there is an opening on the Supreme Court. Then we're stuck with her for life.