Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Administration Fails To Keep America Safe

Janet Napolitano spoke today and said the "system worked as it should have". The administration is out of touch and can't be taken seriously. The Department of Homeland Security says the terrorists are supposed to gain access to our planes. DHS says not only are the terrorists supposed to get on our planes but they are supposed to get on our planes with highly explosive material with the intent to bring down the plane. The Secretary of DHS should resign her position immediately.

This administration has failed in its most basic function. The government mission is to defend America from all enemies. In this case the Secretary of DHS is dismissing the seriousness of security flaws. The administration says there was not enough evidence to connect the dots. Yet the British denied the suspect a student visa because they believed the school he claimed to be attending was fake. The terrorist suspects own father called the US and told DHS officials of the concerns he had concerning the religious beliefs of his own son. The failure to act on information is what caused 9/11. The failure to act on information is what caused this terrorist act. The Secretary of DHS may believe her security measures worked as intended. However her short sighted belief only worked because the explosive material failed to detonate and because of brave Americans that were passengers on the aircraft.

The lack of concern shown by the President (who has yet to address the issue), and his administration is alarming. The administration response has been ineffective and seems to be more concerned with covering up their own failures then correcting the obvious flaws in their system. This administration is weak and would rather Americans accept that we will be attacked again and again, than to come out strong and denounce the failures of their National Security Strategy. This administration has failed to keep America safe and it will only get worse. Obama should be requiring Janet Napolitano's resignation, her security did not work as intended unless it was her intention to allow known terrorists on our planes with explosive material.

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