Sunday, November 1, 2009

The War Within

There is an all out war going on within America. Today the elitists from the New York Times are opining that the war is within the Republican Party. Frank Rich is giddy as he opines that the GOP war will be a boom for Democrats in the 2010 elections. The liberal perspective on the NY-23 special election is very narrowly viewed and being taken out of context. The elitist view is what is wrong with the country and is the true cause of the war within.

This war within is a war between the elitists and the grass roots. That is being demonstrated in NY-23. What happened in NY is happening around America and is not isolated to the GOP. Health Care is a prime example of how this little war being waged in more between the myopic view of elitists and grassroots than it is between conservatives and moderates. The liberal elite will do their best to portray the special election in NY as being a moderate Scozzafava and the moderate GOP versus a conservative Hoffman and the Conservatives of the GOP. In reality nothing could be further from the truth.

The Washington insiders and NY GOP selected a political moderate Scozzafava. Scozzafafva was politically left of her Democratic opponent. Socialist elitists from the left endorsed Scozzafava. The Daily Kos and ACORN were in her corner. The GOP insiders were hammered by the left into believing conservatives could no longer win in the Northeast. The GOP insiders left their principles at the door and selected a candidate that fit the elitist view that only liberal republicans could win in the North East. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The polls in New York are all showing Hoffman in a dead heat with Owens. Hoffman is a conservative while Owens is a moderate democrat. Hoffman is in a dead heat in spite of a Republican drawing support that would have otherwise been his. Hoffman is proving that this war going on in country is more about the average American repudiating the elitist views and standing for principle over party. This is happening all over the country.

The independent voters in our country bailed on the Republican party in 2006 and 2008. Those same independents are now bailing on the democratic party. Obama won Virginia one short year ago. This year the Democrat is down double digits in every poll. New Jersey has decidedly swung Democratic. Today the Democrat and Republican for Governor are in a dead heat. Again in New York we have a dead heat. NY 23 is a Republican district. However, Obama won that district by large numbers just one year ago. Now with a Republican and Conservative splitting the same voters, the democrat can barely pull himself into a dead heat.

The elitists in our country had best wake up and widen their view of what is happening. America is out their demanding their government be returned to the people. The people want their government back and are telling the insider establishment they had better become representative of the people and not their own party. The two party system is a disaster. NY 23 shows just how much a disaster the parties have become.

I feel sorry for the likes of Frank Rich. The elitist view is shortsighted and misses what really underlies the rejection of the establishment candidate. Remember Joe Lieberman? The Liberal establishment went after him in 2006 and sent in a primary challenger. Ned Lamont the insider chosen candidate overcame Joe in the primary. However, the people again went against the elitist candidate and sent Joe back to the Senate. The elitists are busy blaming the resistance to health care reform on Conservatives and Republicans. The problem is that the Democrats, liberals, and elitists, have the majority in government. The failure in American politics is because the elitists can only see black and white. One party or the other. The elitists demand the representatives place party and politics ahead of the people and the country.

There is a war going on and it is not just the imploding GOP. No, the war going on is between the government elitists and the people. The elitists are inciting riots and Tuesday 3 NOV may be the opening shots of the revolution that is bound to happen as America decides that perhaps the two party system is wrong headed. The elitists do not understand Americans love to govern themselves. Americans do not like to be governed. That is the true story of the war within.

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Great take on the state of things. The Pathetic Pawns really tell it like it ain't!