Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Obama Is Against Everything America Stands For

The Obama Administration is rapidly moving the country away from what makes America the envy of the world. The health care debate and Obama's own words shine a light on the Communist tendencies of his administration. Obama is hailed as being so smart, so cerebral, so nuanced, but the reality is Obama is a Communist intent on destroying America.

The health care debate is not a debate concerning improving health care in America. The debate is the difference between individual freedom and the rights of the community. Yesterday Obama himself said he believes the fines are about right for individuals refusing to buy into his health care scheme. Obama compared the mandatory purchase of health insurance to the mandatory purchase of car insurance. This comparison is not applicable. Obama is trying to say everyone must purchase healthcare for the good of society. Everyone must purchase insurance because the government demands it. There is no alternative just another unfunded mandate. The problem is that this unfunded mandate is not passed to the States but rather to the individuals. Car insurance does have an alternative. Car insurance is only mandatory if an individual registers a car. Car insurance is not mandatory to obtain a license to drive. Car insurance is not mandatory to purchase a car. No the only time car insurance is mandatory is when an individual desires to register and drive a car. Americans have a choice in this matter. However, no individual has an alternative choice to Obamacare. Just being born means health insurance is mandatory punishable by fines and jail.

Pelosi when questioned about the constitutionality of mandating health insurance brushed off the question. Pelosi alluded to the regulation of interstate commerce as her constitution power. The problem is this is not regulating interstate commerce. This is forcing the people to purchase a product. Instead of regulating interstate commerce and opening up States borders by allowing health insurance to be sold across state lines Pelosi mandated every America will purchase some form of health insurance. The mandate is a bridge too far. Certainly the Supreme Court will throw out the mandates.

There is no way the Supreme Court could uphold this mandate. By allowing the government to decide what we must purchase with our hard earned money is incomprehensible. The can of worms this would open is remarkable. No longer would America be free. No longer would America have choices. If the government can force us to have health insurance just because we breath oxygen then what would stop the government from forcing us to purchase a Chrysler or GM Product? The government now owns a majority share in both companies. If the government can force us to buy insurance why not mandate which cars we can purchase? When the government sees the effects of their trillion dollar deficits why not say "in the name of interstate commerce" every America must purchase a car from either Chrysler or GM. For that matter why not outlaw big screen TV's, mandate the purchase a horse and buggy instead of gas guzzling cars, mandate a vegetarian diet, mandate only "green" products may be purchased.

The health care debate as it stands is more about individual freedoms and the rights of the community than it is about actual health care reforms. The mandates would provide the government the right to regulate individual choices. Our founding fathers did not desire a government that controlled the lives of the governed. Our country was founded and government formed to provide individual freedoms. The founding fathers wanted a government that was controlled by the people.

Allowing this mandate to pass goes against everything America stands for. This little noticed mandate is just another precedent that will empower the government to control our lives. I have read the Constitution and it is filled with protection of the rights of the individuals. No where does the constitution give the right to the government to control our lives. In fact the constitution limits the power of government and empowers the individual. Communists like Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama believe in the rights of government, the rights of State, the rights of the Community, damn the individuals. Sorry but it doesn't take a village to raise a child. It only takes a parent willing to accept responsibility. Wake up America Obama is against everything our country was founded on.

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Anonymous said...

Control the health of the people, control the people. If this becomes law and the Supreme Court backs it, there will no longer be ANY aspect of our lives that the government will not have control over should it wish to exercise it. This is what happens when a people no longer care about or understand their rights. Hey, as long as none of this healthcare stuff interferes with the game on tv, we're cool.