Friday, November 27, 2009

Obama's America

After almost a year as president, it has become painfully obvious that Obama's vision of America is radically different than anything we have ever experienced. In Obama's vision of America:

The government should control industry, banks, and health care

Enemy combatants should be mirandized upon capture in battle

Foreign terrorists are entitled to the same rights as American citizens

Our soldiers should be prosecuted when terrorists get a fat lip while resisting capture

Children should sing Obama's praise in school

Global warming is real despite all evidence to the contrary

Illegal aliens will not receive free health care, Obama's amnesty program will eliminate illegal aliens, thereby making them legal and eligible for taxpayer funded health care

Your hard earned money should be "redistributed" to those not willing to work

Rich people are bad (unless they're liberals)

American presidents should appear timid and weak by bowing to royalty

It's better to look cool than be a competent president

Israel should not defend itself, it caused all the problems in the middle east

The Constitution is just a piece of old paper

Joe Biden makes sense

Al Gore is a visionary, not an opportunistic huckster

The stimulus package worked

The Nobel Peace Prize really means something

Cap & Trade will help the US economy

Other nations will like us if you constantly apologize for America

ACORN is not a corrupt organization, and needs more money

Afghanistan will be OK once the Taliban are back in power

FOX News isn't a real news network

You can, and should, negotiate with terrorists

Somali pirates are misunderstood businessmen

Iran can be trusted

Gitmo is a bad place full of good people

Tim Geithner is a financial genius

Saddam wasn't such a bad guy

Jimmy Carter is a foreign policy genius

10% unemployment isn't all that bad, even when you predicted it would not go past 8

Alienate your allies, bow to your enemies

It's all Bush's fault

There are many, many more, but this ACORN loving, US bashing, celebutard pretender in chief has turned this country upside down in only one year. We have to ensure that 2010 will change the power balance and neuter Obama until he is voted out, or is rejected by his party, to run in 2012. It becomes more evident by the day that America elected the male version of Paris Hilton to the presidency. Maybe they can star in a reality show together, on Oprah's network of course.

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Anonymous said...

Damn that's quite a list! This may sound crazy, but I miss Bush! Sure, Bush could mangle the English language like nobody else, but this Obama guy is the worst! I know a bunch of Democrats who actually believed all of the hope and change bruhaha and wish they could take their vote back. The Pathetic Pawns have to start telling it like it is!