Monday, November 9, 2009

It's the Religion Stupid

The Liberal left in this country must awaken and realize the Islamic religion is the problem. In the wake of the Ft. Hood massacre the left has gone to painstaking lengths to assure the American public that this was an individual that went of course and is not the act of a religious fanatic. Time Magazine reports (if that what you call pushing a one sided agenda), Nidal Malik Hasan may have been suffering from “secondary trauma”. The President said we should hold back on our judgments. Newsweek suggests the larger story is the damage done to other American Muslims. The main stream media was praying that the shooter was “white” or had a last name of Smith. The left attempts to bury the real issue. The real issue unfortunately is the Islamic religion.

All roads are leading towards the fact that the lone shooter was an Islamic terrorist. Hasan it seems attempted to contact Al Queda. Hasan praised the suicide bombers the Islamic terrorists have unleashed. Hasan attended the same mosque as the 9/11 terrorists. Hasan praised Allah before the shooting frenzy began. Yet in the face of the damning evidence the media and the liberals are diverting our attention.

The media would rather this not been another terrorist attack on American soil. The liberals and pathetic pawns in the media desire to continue attacking the “tea baggers” instead of facing head on a religion bent on destroying Western culture and civilization. Iran is busy proclaiming they would like to “wipe Israel from the face of the Earth”. Iran is also busy developing nuclear weapons while the Obama administration sticks its head even further into the ground. The Palestinians are busy testing missles with longer range to further penetrate and terrorize Israel. Now we have the radical Islamic Imam’s in our own country praising Hasan and attempting to make him a martyr for the Islamic Jihad cause.

The facts are rapidly coming in and they are not pretty. Any religion that preaches death and destruction of peace and tranquility is the problem. There is a reason the Imam’s are pushing the meme that the religion means “submission”. The Islamic religion is teaching submission means death to any non believer and only their religion means anything. A holy Jihad has been declared and the political correct left doesn’t see this as a problem. Their collective heads are in the sand. Chris Matthews is wrong when he says we may never know the role Islam played into the events of last week. What Matthews really means is the left may never want to know or admit what really happened. The Islamic religion is preaching violence and hatred and an end to the means.

Wake up America. We must recognize that the Islamic religion is a cult bent on destruction. The religion itself does not teach right from wrong but rather the pure violence that should be carried out in the name of religion. The mosque’s in this country have spawned American terrorists. The Mosques have carried out past terrorist attacks and are busy planning more. The mosques in this country have taught their flock to become terrorists and go into Somalia and Afghanistan to further the terror training. While the left sticks their head in the sand and says it was an individual, we must know that this is not an isolated case of an individual but rather part of a larger destruction of Western culture. Islam is a radical religion that prays on the weak and underprivileged. The religion itself brainwashes weak minds. There is no other way to explain suicide bombers. There is no other way to explain the cheering Islamic followers did in the streets and campuses in America after the events of 9/11. Ft. Hood is another example of a radical religion. American Intelligence knew months ago that Hasan had been trying to make contact with Al Queda. This administration sat its hands hoping and praying this was an isolated case. The facts are showing the dark evil that rests in the hearts of the true believers of Islam.

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