Thursday, November 26, 2009

The End of General Casey, not Diversity

All too often common sense is sacrificed on the altars of diversity. People ignore their better judgment to avoid the accusations that are the inevitable consequence of breaching PC etiquette. This certainly seems to be the case with Major Hasan, the army physician and Islamic jihadist who murdered thirteen people in Fort Hood Texas.

The warning signs were all too clear, he never attempted to hide his contempt for the United States and it's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was openly critical of the US and non-believers, and voiced his hatred on many occasions in front of his peers and superiors. Yet the complaints against him were ignored, his chain of command, fearful of disciplining a Muslim for actions that blatantly violated the military code of conduct, chose a coward's way out. They transferred an unstable and dangerous Major Hasan to Fort Hood, thereby dumping their problem on someone else. 

The problem didn't go away, it got worse. But the commander at Walter Reed must have been at least temporarily relieved. After all, an passed is an action taken right?
Hasan finally erupted at a soldier processing center in Fort Hood. The results of the army's dereliction of duty, thirteen dead and many more wounded.

In today's PC conscience military, even the accusations of religious or sexual harassment can end the career of a soldier.  Yet this maniac was allowed to continually voice his hatred for the country, the military, and non-muslims, with no adverse consequences from the officers sworn to protect this country.

And after this horrific tragedy, General Casey only worries that diversity might suffer in the military. Shouldn't he appalled that the Army chain of command failed so miserably in dealing with this murderer? That Hasan was enabled by his superiors to commit this act? Diversity will not suffer in the military. It is probably the most diverse atmosphere in the United States, and it will continue to be that way.

What has surely suffered is the confidence in Casey's ability to lead. He has demonstrated through his words that he does not grasp the criminal failure of  his commanders to prevent this tragedy. Commanders should not have to fear PC inspired repercussions when disciplining soldiers. They need to be confident the military will support them when taking actions that may go against established PC dogma. It is Casey's job to ensure that this happens, he failed.

Don't worry about diversity General Casey, worry about how you failed in your duty to lead. Then turn in your resignation.

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