Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Election 2009: A Majority Decision

The off year elections of 2009 became a majority decision against the status quo. Incumbents and establishment candidates were humiliated, while the people took the reins of government into their own hands. This morning shock waves are being felt by Democrats and Republicans alike. Both National parties can take some solace in their victories. However, last night was a majority decision against the Washington insiders.

The pundits are busy pouring through the exit polls trying to find meaning behind the surprising results. There were four major races and all four had meaningful yet surprising results. Taken one at a time, the results should send a ripple of fear through both political parties. My hope is that the fear manifests itself into action. The two major political parties have stolen America from the people. The people are supposed to be listened to and respected. The establishment has for far too long preached an elitist view rather than represent the people they are to serve.

In CA-10, the establishment candidate won. However a closer look at the results and we find that perhaps winning isn’t everything. John Garamendi was the Lt. Governor and had universal name recognition while David Harmer was a relative unknown. Ellen Tauscher had been winning the district with 65% + of the vote. In the end Garamendi the establishment candidate won by just over 10% garnering 52% of the vote in a historic democratic district. Garamendi may have won and won by double digits but given that a relative unknown Republican could hold Garamendi to just 52% is impressive. This race is one of four showing the ruling elite that perhaps their strangle hold on power may be eroding.

In NY-23, Bill Owens eked out a 5% win. Again the Democrats can take solace in gaining a seat. However, the establishment took a beating. This time the establishment Republican candidate conceded three days prior to the election. Owens won but the race was between A Democrat and a third party candidate. Doug Hoffman ran on the Conservative party ticket, forced out a Republican three days before the election and kept the race within 5%. Hoffman was again a little unknown candidate and almost pulled out the victory. Owens by the way is a moderate Democrat so the Washington insiders should not be counting him as an automatic vote in the Democratic caucus.

In New Jersey, Chris Christie sent Jon Corzine packing. The democratic spin on the race is that Corzine was a poor candidate with high negatives. The spin is Christie should have cleaned Corzine’s clock. However, the facts show New Jersey is very blue State. It had been over a decade since a Republican won a statewide election. Christine Todd Whitman was the last Republican to win statewide and that was in 1997. Turnout among Democrats was lower than expected. Independents decided went towards Christie and the Republican base was energized. The two most important issues to voters yesterday was the economy and taxes. No longer is it permissible for the Democrats to blame Bush. Many voters understand the economy was in decline when the Democrats rode to victory last year. However, the time has come for the Democrats to take ownership of the economy and have solutions to resolve the underlying issues. The number two issue is taxes in general and specifically property taxes. The establishment elitists refuse to believe that Americans do not feel patriotic when paying exorbitant taxes. The people want their government to live within their means. Americans understand that taxes choke off the economy and limit growth potential. A State cannot lure businesses into the State if the tax rate consumes profits. A business will not lose money for the privilege of conducting business. The key to this race is the turnout of Republicans and the Independents who voted against the establishment.

The final important race of the evening was a slaughter. Bob McDonnell destroyed Creigh Deeds by 18 % of the vote. Virginia was a State that Barack Obama won going away. There is no way to spin this race as a positive for the Democrats. McDonnell won independents 2-1. Both Senators are Democrats. The Governor’s office had back to back Democrats. This race plain and simple was not close and there is nothing the elitists in our country can do to change that.

Sure partisans from both parties can claim victories. However, neither party won anything last night. The liberal pundits are correct there is a civil war going on but it is not within either party. Last night showed that the civil war is between the ruling elite and the average American. Americans do not embrace the positions of the two major parties. Republicans were thrown out in the last two elections. Democrats got a taste of what is in store in 2010. The people are speaking it is time for the ruling elite to listen. Americans love their freedoms. America is the envy of the world because of the individual freedoms not in spite of individual freedom. In 2009 we learned America yearns for change just as America yearned for change in 2008. In 2009, the establishment was provided a rude awakening. America voted for change in 2008. America realizes now that the only thing in Washington that changed is the political party that is in charge of pillaging the nation. America has spoken and it is time for the politicians to listen. The silent majority has awakened. The silent majority provided a majority decision in 2009, incumbents from both parties should fear the results.

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