Saturday, November 7, 2009

Democrats: No Lessons to be Learned

The Democrats are the majority in our government yet refuse to learn any lessons from the people that elected them to represent America's values. The Democrats ran on lower federal deficits. The Democrast ran against George Bush and the wounded Republican brand. The people believed America was on the wrong track and desired a change in government that would more represent the views of a nation. Immediately after the election the politicians did what politicians do, they quit listening to the people.

The first action undertaken by this Congress and was to send the nation further in debt. The people were sold a bills of goods. We were sold on a stimulus package that was necessary to save the nation. The stimulus was supposed to be about shovel ready jobs. The stimulus would keep unemployment under 8%. Instead what we got was a bill designed to reward the liberal constituency rather than the American people. The stimulus was tailored only to reward a small portion of the public. Much of the stimulus went for pet projects that did nothing to resolve an increasing jobless rate. The stimulus was a tax giveaway with no possibility of stimulating the economy. Most of the stimulus went towards extending unemployment benefits, first time home owners tax credits, and cash for clunkers. In reality none of these initiatives helped the economy in the long run. The extension of unemployment benefits focuses giving tax dollars to individuals but do nothing to find them employment. Rather than extend the benefits perhaps the government should have been focused on creating jobs. The Home buyers credit and cash for clunkers program did more damage in the long run than the programs fixed in the short term. Sure August showed huge increases in auto sales and fuels a 3.5% growth in GDP for the third quarter. However, now we have the after affects with increasing costs of purchasing used cars. Additionally, sales that would have kept the auto industry afloat were shifted into a month or two early. This program will cause high inflation when the economy does eventually recover on its own in spite of government meddling. The Home buyers credit just further eroded the value of our homes. In fact our homes are worth $8,000 less than they were with out the program. So instead of making wealth the government is stealing wealth.

After the stimulus, the democrats moved the economy off the radar and started focusing on the hostile takeover of health care. In August it was apparent Americans wanted health reform but not the trash the Democrats were pushing. The Obama gimmick to convene a joint session of Congress in SEP was a disaster. Obama with all of his lofty rhetoric could not persuade a skeptical public. Obama has an approval rating hovering around 50%. Obama on the issues is even worse. Republicans are actually leading on most of the top ten issues facing America.

Last Tuesday America had the opportunity to speak again at the ballot box. In the high visibility governor races in Virginia and New Jersey, the Democrats and Obama took one on the chin. Obama campaigned extensively for Corzine in New Jersey. Obama camped out in New Jersey the last couple f weeks prior to the election and couldn't keep a Democrat in office in a very dark Blue State. In Virginia it wasn't even close. In a State that has been trending purple, the Democrats could keep the race in the ball park and were swept from office in large numbers. However, the Democrats didn't blink an eye. The Democrats refuse to heed the warnings America sent.

Instead of focusing on the economy the Democrats would rather pursue an unpopular health care reform. Pelosi is forcing her caucus to make tough decisions and votes before she will allow them to assess the damage that happened on Tuesday. Instead of slowing down and getting the country on the right path the liberals are stepping on the gas running the country off the tracks. Pelosi won't even allow the people to see the bill as she promised. Pelosi is holding America hostage and shoving her liberal agenda down our throats.

The American public must stand up and take the country back. Pelosi knows this is the last chance for liberals to get their agenda through Congress. Pelosi knows once the government owns health care there is no turning back. There will be no avenue to get the government out of our lives. The liberal agenda will not change until America if fully bankrupted. Democrats don't want to heed the lessons of 2009 because they know to lose know and do what is right by the American people will disempower them. The Democrats know they may endanger their party but in the end America will have no choice but to embrace socialism as we go further and further towards becoming a bankrupt banana republic.

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