Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Breaking Inconvenient Truth

There is an inconvenient truth when it comes to the global warming hysteria. The title of Al Gore's little documentary was correct. The only problem is that other than the title the rest of the hyped up documentary was based on data manipulation; in other words lies. The whole premise of the movie neglected the real inconvenient truth and that is the Earth has been cooling over the last decade, and worse yet for the global warming terrorists instead of moving towards further warming we are actual moving closer to the next glacial maximum.

Over the course of the last week, material obtained through email traffic between the scientists employed at the East Anglia Climate Research Unit reveals global warming for what it is: Junk Science perpetuated by a fraud. What is apparent from the email exchanges is that the junk scientists manipulating data. Another issue that is painfully apparent i that the pathetic pawns in the media who have pushed their liberal one-sided narrow minded viewpoint on global warming are avoiding the junk scandal at all costs.

Prior to the President going to Copenhagen and prostituting our country to fraudulent hysteria a Congressional investigation is in order to find the facts concerning who knew what and when. There is evidence the Obama's science czar John Holdren is directly involved in the hoax. America must know how much Obama knows about the hoax and when he knew about the hoax. Holdren has been bullying people and pushed his blind faith and now we find the data has been manipulated. Obama plans on selling out our country in Copenhagen on religious blind faith rather than scientific evidence. That is the problem with the left, their religious type belief in junk science is much worse than the religious type beliefs of the main stream religions.

One might find that curious but when a believer in junk science pushes an agenda based on scientific evidence they will gain the attention of the unknowing. The outright lies the left has pushed to pursue their "religious type" beliefs is unconscionable. The left knew the true scientific evidence did not support their beliefs so instead of being a true scientist and finding out what may be happening the fanatics decided to manipulate the data and sing coombaya.

The left now is attacking the messenger. The left claims that no one should believe the whistleblowing hackers After all they obtained the evidence underhandedly. Sorry my left leaning friends but just because technically the goods were received underhandedly the facts don't change. The fact is that the junk scientists are a fraud. Similar to the disgraced Dan Rather, making up facts, manipulating data, or forging documents harms your case rather than help it. Dan Rather believed that because the premise of the story is true that the forged documents didn't matter. Now we have the fanatical left saying it doesn't matter that the data is false because their premise is true. That is simply ridiculous. Where is the proof? Isn't that the mantra of the left? Wasn't it Obama who said we as a country would turn to science? We should always advance science, but the junk science must be exposed for what it is and flushed out with the rest of the garbage.

The inconvenient truth is that the global warming hysteria is a a hoax and based in junk science. We as a country need to immediately stop providing funds to any organization involved in the hoax. This includes the UN and any other forum that took on blind faith the junk science they clutched.

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Anonymous said...

This is all so grand. I only wish the Pathetic Pawns would give it a little coverage. On Thanksgiving nobody in my family would believe it because they didn't see it on network television. Net articles, bogus. Net videos, doctored/edited. Unless they hear a Patheitc Pawn say it on tv it never happened! It makes me think I'm taking crazy pills or something! The Pathetic Pawns must be stopped!