Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

The question of the day is where is the President of the United States? Eric Massa says Obama has been absent in the health care debate. Secretary of Defense Gates says Obama needs to make a decision on Afghanistan. Diane Feinstein can't find him even after imploring him to follow the advice of his handpicked General. The unemployed can't find the jobs Obama promised. So just exactly where is the President?

Come to find out the President is busy with "gigs" at the White House. That's right, while American soldiers are having their bases breached and dying at the hands of an ill equipped Taliban, Obama believes it is prudent to host extravaganzas at the White House. Perhaps if Obama had a few less "Gigs" at the White House, he could find the time necessary to talk to his Commanders on the ground. Obama has had a total of two conversations with GEN McCrystal but yet has had the time to host no less than 5 big extravaganzas. Even if Obama had 2 less musical gigs he could have had two more opportunities to talk with McCrystal, doubling his current effort.

Yes it is true Obama is busy entertaining his donors and guests, even while unemployment is hovering 10% and still rising. Maybe one less $40,000 date to NYC and Obama could take a look at the unemployment rate and make a push for jobs instead of pork. Americans are hurting and losing their homes and this President decides it is more important to party and start a war with Fox News. So where are all the jobs Mr. Obama promised? Certainly his pork spending must have saved some jobs but the negative creation of jobs under his watch greatly outweigh any saved jobs.

So the President is no where to e found in the great health care debate according to his own party. The majority of Americans are for reform but the same majority are also against the proposed reform under consideration in both the house and senate. Obama is far too busy pushing the next party theme to be bothered with actually outlining what he wants in health care. Obama is absent when it comes to his signature policy. The President is too good to get his hands dirty with outlining reform. Obama has a war to start with fox news and planning the next party for his friends at the White House on his mind.

America did not elect a President last November. America elected a Stardom seeking celebrity wannabe. Any President that ignores American soldiers in harms way, ignores unemployment approaching 10%, ignores a news organization with barrels of ink, and ignores his own signature policy debate, all for sake of the next party, is not deserving of the word President in front of their name. Obama is the biggest Zero of a President America has ever known. Wake up America before it is too late. Obama is not the savior for he is no where to be found when needed the most. Obama is more like Marie Antoinette with "let them eat cake" then he is an American President.

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