Monday, October 26, 2009

The Refs Win one in Miami

The New Orleans Saints got the W but it was the refs that won them the game. Not to take anything away from the Saints or give Miami too much credit but this game changed direction on two of the worst calls I have seen in a long time. The first came at the end of the half and the other early in the third quarter. Both of these blown calls cost Miami the momentum and ultimately the game.

With Miami leading 24-3 and the Saints driving New Orleans threw a pass across the middle. New Orleans had no timeouts left and had the referees made the correct call time would have certainly run out in the half with New Orleans not scoring. Instead the referee called a touchdown when clearly the receiver was down short of the end zone. By calling a touchdown the clock stopped at 5 seconds. The call was overturned and the ball correctly spotted at the 1 yard line. The problem is the 5 seconds remained on the clock. New Orleans had no way of stopping the clock. By the time they would have lined up to spike the ball the half would have been long over. This blown call cost Miami 7 points.

The next blown call was on the Sharper interception. While there was no excuse for the interception as Ginn should have caught the ball, there is also no excuse for blowing another call by the referees. Clearly, the ball was fumbled through the end zone by Sharper and should have been called a touchback. Ginn who made a mistake in tipping the ball instead of catching made a good play in forcing sharper to fumble. I understand this was a close play. There was not clear visible evidence to overturn the call. However, what is clear is when Ginn hit Sharpers hands. The ball was coming out before the end zone just by knowing when the arms were hit jarring the ball loose.

There is no excuse for Miami blowing a 21 point lead. However, this game changed on two blown calls that had the referees got them correct would have changed the whole complexion of the game. Instead the blown calls changed the momentum in New Orleans favor taking the life out of Miami. Instead of saying how great New Orleans is maybe someone should look into the blown calls and analyze how these calls effected the game. There is no way New Orleans should have gotten that call at the end of the half. When the call was overturned time should have run out. That is what would have happened if the call was made correctly. New Orleans had no way to clock the ball. This will go into the books as a New Orleans win but clearly the referees won and Miami lost.

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