Monday, October 12, 2009

Obamacare: The Path To Socialism

Obamacare is the path to socialism and once enacted there will be no turning back. Even when the people of our great Nation realize they have been bamboozled by the socialist left there will be no way to correct the wrongs the Democrats will be causing with passage of Obamacare.

The Baucus bill that will be receiving a vote tomorrow will not be the bill that passes the Senate and certainly will not be the bill that passes once in conference. The $81 billion in false saving will be by the wayside. The $829 billion dollar cost will not be the final cost of this bill. Right now there is no public option. The Democrat leadership is insistent the final bill will have a public option. The Baucus bill ensures there will be a government takeover of the Health care system.

Today the Price Waterhouse Coopers audit came out and explained how everyone's insurance premiums would be increasing beyond what they naturally would have. A family will see over $4,000 in premium increases and single people will see $1,500 in premium increases. Of course without a public option young single folks who are already having problems paying bills would rather pay the $750 dollar fine than actually pay for insurance. What happens next is that there are not enough young healthy people to offset the costs of covering everyone with pre-existing conditions and older less healthy people. As the costs begin to skyrocket the government will have to step in as the single payer.

The single payer excuse will be blamed on the insurance companies. In reality the blame will be on a poorly written bill that will force the country down the path of socialized medicine. When the fine for not having or providing insurance becomes costs less than providing insurance everyone will be relying on the government to provide health care.

In the end no country has ever had a single payer health care system that has worked. In fact the costs of such health care leave their countries either like Canada where the waiting lines and rationing of healthcare forces their citizens into the United States just to receive basic care. On the other hand they could end up like Germany, France, or Cuba. In all of these countries the unemployment rate is consistently running 8-10% in the good times and much higher during times of recession. This means that the American dream will be dead and gone. No longer will Americans dream of having the next generation better the the last generation. Americans will have opportunity taken from them as they are waiting for more government handouts because there are no jobs.

This bill before the Senate is a bad bill. One must ask why it takes three years to see the benefits if we as a country are in such dire straights that this bill must pass today. Why not get the bill right? Why not set some pilot programs to see what works? Why jump in today for a bill today when it won't be available for three years. Like Wimpy telling Popeye that he will gladly pay tomorrow for a hamburger today. This is what Obama and the democrats are telling Americans. Obama wants this to pass today but will wait to tomorrow for the results. I can tell you why it won't take effect until 2013. The reason is politics pure and simple. Obama wants to run his next campaign on Healthcare without having the negative effects known to America.

Let there be no doubt this is a bill designed to get to a single payer socialist result. This bill has hidden costs that will cause the insurance industry to raise premiums. The higher costs will then provide the opportunity for the Democrats to finally socialize America and there will be no looking back. The Democrats are not changing America's direction; they are changing the American form of government. No longer will be the land of the free; we will become the land of the ruled.

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