Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama: The Equivocating President

Obama is an equivocator unworthy of his faithful legions. On May 11, 2009, Gen Stanley McCrystal was selected to be the in charge of the Afghanistan front. Yet 5 months later and Obama is still equivocating. Obama has yet to enunciate a strategy for Afghanistan. McCrystal came with a plan and Obama refuses to make a decision. The equivocating and voting "voting" present are more than just a pattern for Obama; they are becoming the way Obama Obama leads, which of course is not leadership.

Today Obama received the Nobel peace prize. Yet his senior advisers have cited "Hezbollah, the armed Lebanese political movement, as an example of what the Taliban could become." The Hezbollah is considered a terrorist organization and Obama wants to allow the Taliban back into the Afghanistan government. Obama sees no issues because Hezbollah only causes "regional instability". Yet that is all the Taliban was in 2000. There were a "regional instability". The Taliban couldn't even control more than 75% of Afghanistan let alone pose a threat to the US. Then as we all know Al Queda was allowed to hide out in Afghanistan and plot attacks on American soil. I am amazed that a Nobel Peace Prize winner can't see why "regional instability" is the root cause of all of the skirmishes America has been involved in since the Vietnam war. Lebanon is a "regional instability". Grenada was a "regional instability". Panama was a "regional instability". Somalia was a "regional instability". Iraq was a "regional instability". Bosnia and Kosovo more "regional instabilities". Now Obama is fine with "regional instabilities" because he sees no connection between "regional instability" and the world at large. For such a smart guy Obama can't connect the dots.

Obama has a history of voting present and equivocating. Obama demanded a stimulus package be ready for him to sign when he took office. Obama provided no guidance or direction. All Obama did was make the demand. Obama did the same thing on the omnibus bill. Just get it done and blame the Republicans is all Obama told the Congress. Obama is equivocating on the health bill also. All Obama is doing is making campaign trail statements and comments but leaving the heavy lifting to Congress. Now Afghanistan is turning out to be more of the same. Obama unable and unwilling to make a decision only issuing vague and ambiguous statements. Obama is weak and ineffective as a leader. Obama was considered lazy as a legislator because of his knack for voting present. Obama is a follower and not a leader.

For the life of me I can't figure why a follower would want to be President. It has become more than apparent that Obama does not want his fingerprints on anything controversial. Obama constantly forces others to do the heavy lifting while he sits idly by waiting for the time to hit the campaign trail so he can become the lead cheerleader. Obama should be paying his speech writer millions because the great equivocator is all talk and no action.

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