Monday, October 5, 2009

Is The GOP Rooting Against America?????

Is the GOP rooting against America? The Democrats, liberals, and media elite are running articles questioning the GOP and their patriotism for their lack of support for bringing the olympics to Chicago. “Some of these people are starting to put politics first and country second,” said Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Markos Moulitsas of the daily kos was more blunt. “So when did wingnuts start cheering against America? Their unbridled joy at losing out to Brazil is a bit unseemly, isn't it?” he asked, adding: "America, f—- yeah!" has become "F—- America, Yeah!" Again is the GOP rooting against America or are the Democrats running from their unpopular policies.

The truth is the GOP is doing nothing but show Obama for what he is. Far from being a Statesman Obama is a photo Op celebrity. Obama has done nothing to turn the country around from the recession. The stimulus package is a wreck saving very fews jobs and creating even less. Afghanistan is turning into a disaster and Obama ignores his hand picked Commander. Iran is closing in on a nuclear weapon and Obama threatens more sanctions. The French say Obama is weak and Obama only smiles. The Dalai Lama schedules a trip to America and Obama snubs him in favor of the Communist regime in China. The Iranians revolt in the streets and Obama sides with the murderous regime. The Hondurans use their constitution and oust a communist thug and Obama sides with the communists in the region and calls the act illegal. The Russians threaten the Caucuses and Obama unilaterally withdraws a missile defense shield for Eastern Europe. The Olympic failure is just another in a long list of failures. The GOP is cheering only because they hope the left starts focusing on what is important in America and right now what is important is the economy and not the Olympics.

Now that Obama's ego has been brought back to Earth perhaps he will have time for the America he has been ignoring. Maybe now Obama might realize Americans desire a leader not a celebrity. Obama blew his political capital in a failed attempt to bring the Olympics to Chicago. Obama should have been focusing on the 9.8% unemployment rate. Obama should be focusing on the "war of necessity" in Afghanistan. Obama should be focusing on keeping Iran away from nuclear weapons. Instead Obama decided it was far more important to "sacrifice' with a European vacation to gain the Olympics only to return empty handed. No the GOP is not rooting against America. They are standing up for America and want the President to focus on what ails the country rather than fulfilling the Presidents insatiable ego.

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Anonymous said...

Well said! We'll just see if Obama's ego has actually been brought down to Earth. We'll also see if the GOP can stay on message and hold their ground. It's good to see some fight in the GOP (for ten years they've done nothing but roll over for the Dems), let's hope it lasts.