Monday, October 26, 2009

The Health Care Takeover Door Quickly Closing

The Democrats better pass health care in a hurry. Time is running out for them and we have Reid alienating every Republican by providing an opt out public option. The opt out is not really a way out from under the hostile takeover of our health system but the Democrats have decided they need to have a show of some kind. This opt out plan is not going to help get this legislation on to the floor of the Senate and time is running out.

In seven short days the campaign season for 2009 will draw to a close. Democrats are in the battle of their lives and may not even be noticing. Next Tuesday the Democrat Party may not go to sleep realizing their socialist dreams may not come to fruition. Liberals are in trouble in three very visible races in what will turn out as the preseason for 2010. The White House has already forsaken one Democrat in Virginia. Obama and his administration have come out and blamed Deeds for not embracing Obama soon enough. The problem is Obama did turn out in Virginia early in the race after Deeds won the primary and Deeds numbers went significantly lower. Deeds has yet to recover from the loss of support since Obama first weighed in.

A democrat Incumbent in New Jersey is in a toss up race in a very blue State. The only way Corzine even has a chance in a Democratic State is because an independent may take away just enough votes from Christie to allow him to hang on. Corzine has never polled above 41% and is sure to be far below 45% even if he should eke out what should have been an easy victory for any democrat. Corzine could lose despite spending millions of his own money and the support of Obama and Biden.

In New York 23 both the Republican and Democrat in the race are Obama type liberals in a fairly moderate district. This should have been another easy race for the Democrat. The Conservative candidate is drawing support from the pseudo Republican candidate. In fact the Conservative may actually win this race. The race is much closer than it appears. Today a poll from “Club for Growth’ has Conservative Hoffman ahead of Owens the Democrat and Scozzafava the Republican. I know the poll is from a friendly organization to the Hoffman campaign but any poll showing Hoffman in the lead should provide a boost for anyone desiring a change in Washington.

The loss of the Governorship in Virginia alone may be enough to make the Blue Dog Democrats quake in their boots. Should McDonnell win by the double digits most polls say he will the Democrats in swing districts may think twice about voting against their constituents. Should the Democrats also lose New Jersey there will be almost no way for the garbage in the house to pass. A politicians will to survive outweigh any party loyalty; just ask Arlen Specter who changed parties simply because he may have lost to a Republican primary challenger. Now Specter may not only lose to a Republican but also to his Democratic challenger. Should the Democrats lose in all three of these races the Democrats may actually wake up and push their hostile takeover of health care into the trash bin of history. Democrat best hurry up because their window of opportunity to rape the American public is quickly closing.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for an optimistic appraisal of things. While I don't think there's a chance in hell that Corzine loses, just the fact that the race is this close in New Jersey is a HUGE sign of where the political tides are shifting. I hope I'm wrong, because NJ electing a Republican for anything higher than dog cacher would be incredible!