Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Words: What Do They Mean

Obama once said "Words mean Something". The question is what do they mean? Obama once said "I will go through the federal budget "line by line". In Obama's estimation all that was required is a scalpel to remove the pork and bring the budget into balance. Instead what w got was a deficit that is 4 times higher than the next highest deficit in our country's history. Obama once said it was essential to get a stimulus bill passed through Congress. Obama then took a vacation while the bill sat on his desk unsigned. Obama once said the stimulus bill was essential to get "shovel ready" projects going to create jobs in a declining economy. Yet the jobs have yet to materialize as Obama's projection of unemployment under 8% was quickly bypassed and now stands a full 1.7% the worst Obama believed would happen. Obama once said the stimulus bill would get America moving forward. Yet most of the stimulus bill won't be spent until next year. Obama once said he wanted to change Washington by stopping the partisan bickering. Then he turned around and instructed the Republicans to fall inline because he won. Obama once said he was listening to the American public. Yet when peaceful protests emerged around the country, Obama told the people to shut up the time for talking was over.

So what do words mean? To Obama they mean very little. Obama's words always say one thing before he turns around and does the opposite. Actions always speak louder than words and Obama's actions betray his words. The lofty rhetoric Obama speaks of is not matched by his actions. Obama has been sitting on the sidelines for the Health debate with demands that something passes soon. Yet Obama has not offered any suggestions on a way forward. The Democrats are hopelessly split on health reform and all Obama can do is blame the partisan Republicans. Most of the left believes that the Republicans are the cause of the failures thus far. Yet the Democrats have a unassailable advantage in the house and a 60 vote majority in the Senate though Mid August. Obama words stated he wanted a bi partisan health bill. Yet the plans in Congress are so far left that not even the moderates in his own party can vote for the proposals. How does one expect to garner Republican support if the moderates from the other party can't even vote for it?

Words alone mean very little. Words must be backed up by action. In the absence of action words are exactly that: They are just words with no meaning. Obama says health care is the most pressing issue facing Americans. Yet Congressional health reform will not take effect until after the 2012 elections. Health care reform is so important that it can wait four years after passage before it takes effect. One must ask themselves Why the delay? What is in the government takeover that Obama and the Democrats don't want Americans to know? As long as the bill won't take effect for 4 more years why not sit down and get the bill right? The answer is because Obama is full of words but not much else and Americans are quickly learning that Obama's words are as empty as his suit.

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