Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Republicans: Hold The Line

The fifth health reform plan in Congress was just released by Senator Max Baucus. The released version still is nothing more than a partisan bill aimed at appeasing some Republicans with small and insignificant concessions. This is another bad bill to get something on the floor of the Senate. There is only one way to stop this railroading of the American public.

Republicans must stand firm. Currently Republicans must filibuster this and any bill from the floor of the Senate. While it is true that the DEMs and Obama may use the nuclear option and go the budget reconciliation route; in reality the DEMs will not go this route. Using the budget reconciliation to ram major legislation through is political suicide and most DEMs understand this fact. In reality most of the major items the DEMs are pushing will not be allowed to be considered as part of the reconciliation process. The reality is only bits and pieces will be allowed through. Most Democrats understand that when it comes down to passing medicare cuts without the other provisions will put another nail into their coffins. Democrats realize that passing tax increases on the American public without the entire plan will be nothing but voting themselves out of a job. The Democrats are bluffing because they know they do not have the votes to pass their garbage.

Republicans have to filibuster. A majority of Americans are backing no action at all rather than take any of the current options as written. Republicans must force Democrats to negotiate in good faith. Many Democrats have already said they will not support a bill without a public option. The Democrats are intent on passing a public option and will use every trick available to achieve the hostile takeover of health care. Should any of the Senate bills pass the will have to be reconciled with the House bills in conference. In conference, the public option will be in place and there will be zero chance to stop it. Any conference reconciled bill cannot be filibustered. Once a bill passes the reconciliation in conference only has to garner a simple majority. The time to stop this madness is now. The DEMs are issuing empty threats of the nuclear option. Again it is true there is language in a bill that states if a bill is not passed by Congress before 15 OCT 09 than the Congress has the ability to stop debate and get a bill through the budgetary process. As I said earlier this is an empty threat. Empty because there are too many provisions that are necessary to mask what is really happening that will not be allowed through the budgetary process. Empty because history says no sweeping legislation has ever passed along party lines. Democrats know deep down their bill is not wanted by a majority of Americans. The Democrats know they would be committing political suicide; which is more than evident by the in fighting with the Democratic Party.

The debate over these bills is essentially over unless the Republicans cave. The DEMs do not have the votes to pass any of their bills either on the house floor or the Senate floor past a filibuster. The nuclear option is political suicide. Republicans must force the Democrats to explain the urgency for passing a partisan health care bill. None of these bills will become effective until after the 2012 election. If health care reform was so urgent to pass now without further debate why would it take so long to implement? The democrats are negotiating in bad faith. The Democrats do not have the votes to pass the current bills. The Democrats must stop whining and the Republicans must hold the line. Health care reform is important. A bi-partisan bill that is good for America can be developed. Until the Democrats stop demagoguing the issue, stop playing partisan games and get serious about reform health care reform should be a dead issue. The big Obama speech couldn’t even hold the bounce for more than one week. These bills are unpopular. Don’t fall for the line that there is a bill in the Senate that should generate Republican support. The items in that bill that will generate Republican support will disappear in conference. Hold the line Republicans; hold the line.

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