Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Pathetic Pawns: Outraged Over Internet News

Late last evening Anthony "Van" Jones resigned his position as Obama adviser on the environment. The so called Green Czar had become a distraction to the Obama administration. Jones was an advid supporter of 9/11 truthers which believe Bush and the government conducted and planned the attacks on 9/11. Jones supported a cop killer named Mumai. Jones publicly claimed to be a marxist. Jones publicly denounced Republicans and called them "A$$holes. Jones was a communist blaming everyone else for his racist and controversial views. Bottom line is that Obama associates with radicals both inside and outside the country and Americans didn't like it.

Now just today the pathetic pawns in the meda came to Jone's defense. The media led by the "Meet the Press" round tabe loudly railed against the internet. The pathetic pawns said we have to watch out what we red on the internet. The pathetic pawns were miffed that Jones was forced to resign. "Gateway Pundit" led the charge and vetted Jones. A blogger scooped the pathetic pawns and they are pissed. The pathetic pawns attempted to ignore Jones and have now sided with Jones and claim misinformation and smears. The pathetic pawns are still in a mesmerized trance blindly following wherever Obama takes them. The media has let down the public and has really shown their true colors.

Charlie Gibson hailed the pathetic pawns smear campaign last year against Palin. Gibson claimed it was the duty of the media to vet candidates and public officials. The pathetic pawns went after Palin relentlessly all in the name of vetting her. Obama wins an election and now the pathetic pawns refuse to vet anybody. The pathetic pawns barely reported tax problems with Toim Geithner. When Daschle came up with tax problems the pathetic pawns came to Daschle's defense. The pathetic pawns tried to bury the Jones story and refused to even mention it until after he resigned. The internet and internet bloggers have become the responsible news source. The bloggers are largely filling the void left by the partisan press.

Bottom line is the media has been absent from the scene for many years. The pathetic pawns became the propaganda machine for the democratic party and are now upset that they are being called out for becoming an obsolete mouth piece of the democrat national committee. The pathetic pawns have become a joke that was willing to report on forged document because it fit their agenda. Now they have the nerve to call out the internet for not vetting the facts. Let me tell you something; when the pathetic pawns began failing in their jobs many others were more than willing to fill the void. With the internet the informed public can now hear and read unfiltered data and make up their own minds. The pathetic pawns are no longer able to push their agenda as fact. They now are held accountable because if they won't report the facts an internet blogger will.

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