Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama's Words Fall Flat

Last evening Obama set out to sell his socialized vision of health care in America. The great orator was pitching unpopular proposals set forth by the Democrats in the House and Senate. Obama reached in his bag of campaign speeches in hopes of reviving the passion America showed for Obama's freshness late last year. Instead of pulling out another stunning speech, Obama pulled a stale old message that fell flat.

How do we know Obama's speech was flat? First of all the it could only draw a little over 23.5 million households. The viewership is down almost 40% from his first Prime time talk back in February. Second though and more importantly, we know that two simple words overshadowed Obama's 5700 words. That's right folks, Congressman Joe Wilson uttered two words that became the talk of America today. Wilson's "you Lie" comment generated more discussion than anything the President said or did last night.

The left was busy whining today that Wilson was disrespectful. While it is true that Wilson's comment was inappropriate, rude, and disrespectful, it is also true that his two simple words completed overshadowed the great orator. Two simple words and the left went crazy. I guess the left forgot that the Democrats in Congress booed Bush during his 2005 State of the Union Address. Led by Obama the Democrats stood and booed a President during a speech in front of a joint session of Congress. Yet when one congressman utters two simple words the left became unhinged. Rather than defend Obama and his words the left simple said How dare you towards Wilson and his two simple words. When it becomes more important to deride a rude Congressman for uttering two simple words you know your speech was flat. When the great orator can't overcome two simple words you know people are beginning peel back the charm and recognize Obama as being an empty suit full of hot air. Let there be no doubt that Obama's speech fell flat and did nothing to change the minds of a majority of Americans who oppose his government takeover of health care.

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