Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama's Transparancy

Obama promised that he would bring transparency back to government. Obama and his supporters screamed about the lack of governmental transparency under Bush. The back room deals must stop Obama said. Pelosi and Reid said they would have the most ethical Congress ever. Transparency was the buzzword of the day by liberal politicians. The problem is that in the end it was just words, buzzwords with no meaning.

Obama developed a questionnaire that run 7 pages long with 63 questions for vetting administration officials. Yet the "Czars" Obama appoints have no vetting process. Take to time to wrap your head around that statement. Obama says he would embody transparency. Obama developed a vetting process for candidates Americans would see during confirmation hearings. Obama wanted to ensure the officials the public say would not have any embarrassing dirt. Yet Obama has been busy appointing policy Czars that have relegated the Cabinet positions as nothing more than figure heads. The policy Czars are not vetted because they are the ones the public doesn't see. These policy Czars are Obama's closest advisers yet they hide them from public scrutiny. These Czars Obama has appointed are the policy folks Obama has placed in control of his agenda. Yet Obama the transparent one has decided to circumvent the confirmation process and hid them from the public. Not only has Obama circumvented the confirmation process but then he doesn't even have his own vetting process in place ensuring his advisors actually are qualified individuals and not radicals.

While Obama is hiding from the Van Jones fiasco; American bloggers are uncovering just how radical Jone's is. Jones is an admitted Marxist. Jones is a 9/11 truther. Jones is a racist. Jones is guilty of racial profiling. The administration is out there saying Obama didn't really talk to Jones and Jones had but a bit part. Yet the reality is that Jones was to coordinate the efforts of various cabinet members in an effort to develop a environmental policy. One of the centerpieces of Obama's agenda and yet we are now being led to believe that the person in charge of that effort was not in dialog with the President? One thing can be certain. Obama never intended to really be transparent. Obama only intended to disguise his covert actions as being more transparent. Unfortunately, the American people know they will uncover many skeleton during the confirmation process. Obama's vetting was nothing more than covering his tracks and had nothing to do with transparency. The back room deals are still ongoing as evidenced by the administration deal cut with the pharmaceutical companies. Congress is still as unethical as ever as evidenced by Rangel, Murtha, and others. Our government is not transparent and Obama is hiding his covert operations like the politicians before him.

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