Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama Blows A Historic Opportunity For Health Reform

The President and the Democrats were in dire need to sell a bad health care plan. The speech in front of a joint session of Congress was a historic opportunity for the President to lead and layout a path forward in the debate over health reform. Instead of leveraging the forum and bridging the gaps between both parties Obama delivered a fear mongering speech that scolded Republicans and Conservatives for not getting on board. Obama promised to lay out his plans and and provide details for a health care reform package that could pass.

Instead what we received was a campaign stump speech. Obama used fear mongering tactics when he said more Americans would die if Congress would not rush a bill through Congress soon. This even though none of the plans would become effective for at least 4 years, 2013 is the target date to get this started. The speech could have brought the people together, but rather than talk to middle America, Obama decided to pass blame on Republicans. The partisan speech did nothing to bring America together. The lofty rhetoric saying the bickering must end was a start but blaming the right for all the problems showed the lack of seriousness this President has.

Obama blew a golden opportunity. Instead of delivering a speech to bring America together, Obama delivered a partisan speech that scolded everyone that disagreed with him. The speech was full of blame and lofty rhetoric but short on substance. Obama was a day late and a dollar short. After months of sitting on the sidelines and declining to engage Republicans in the debate, Obama needed to deliver significant details, yet delivered no details except the same talking points that have been kicked around for months. Obama showed zero leadership and showed his hope is to reduce America to the change in your pocket.

A majority of Americans agree reform is necessary. However, the devil is in the details. Americans agree with the basic principles that no American should be denied coverage for pre existing coverage. Most Americans agree that inefficiencies and fraud should be cut. Most Americans agree that health care should be affordable and available for everyone. The issue is not the reform, the issue is how do we get there. CCN says two thirds of viewers agreed with Obama proposals. The problems is that the proposals were the basic premise that Americans want affordable health care and no one should be denied coverage. The President needed to deliver the details. Obama needed more than a recitation of the talking points and need for health reform. Obama failed to deliver on the details and until the details are clear Americans will remain skeptical. The president is bleeding independents and Obama did nothing to bring independents on board with his stump speech.

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