Monday, September 28, 2009

Liberal Left: Above the Law

Liberals seem to believe they are above the law. The pathetic pawns of the left media are voicing outrage that Roman Polanski was arrested on an outstanding arrest warrant from 1978. The left complains that somehow Polanski was duped into the arrest and that the Swiss are engaged in a nefarious act. Polanski has been a fugitive from the United States for 32 years yet the left seems to have forgiven Polanski for child rape simply because of the liberal leanings of his lifetime achievements.

Roman Polanski plead guilty to statutory rape charges. Polanski was a middle aged 44 year old when he had sexual relations with a thirteen year old. Now Anne Applebaum opines in the Washington post that Polanski paid for his crime by fleeing the United States to avoid sentencing. Applebaum complained that Polanski may not have known the victim’s real age. Applebaum came running to Polanski’s defense by saying there may have been prosecutorial misconduct. Applebaum goes on to say Polanski paid for his crime through Lawyer fees, in professional stigma, and in notoriety. Never does she claim that Polanski is innocent or paid his debt to society for his crimes.

In a country founded by laws, it is reprehensible that Applebaum opines of the wrong committed by the Swiss. Applebaum condemns a free nation while defending a child rapist. The entire left is going crazy over the thought that a liberal icon going to receive a lifetime achievement award would be arrested for a crime against society. Punishment for crimes is not about the individual victim as much as it is supposed to be about victimization of society. That the individual victim says she has forgiven Polanski makes no difference. That the victim says she would not want to see another trial or jail sentence for Polanski is immaterial. One might ask why. The answer my friends is simple: When a free society like America bring charges against a defendant in criminal action it is the State that brings the charges not the individual. This implies a certain moral obligation towards society as a whole.

That Polanski chose to flee America and become a fugitive from justice does not pay the price demanded by society in a lawful State . I didn’t hear Applebaum defend Kathleen Soliah when she was captured in 1999 and served seven years for her crimes related to the Patty Hearst kidnapping and the Symbionese Liberation Army. The fact is Polanski has not paid society for his crimes. The liberals coming to his defense are just as sickening as the crime itself. These same liberals went crazy over Warren Jeffs when he became a fugitive regarding underage marriages. Yet defend Polanski and hail Polanski’s lifetime achievements. America should be outraged that the left would defend a 44 year old man (at the time of his crimes) seeking sex with a 13 year old. Applebaum is wrong; Polanski ran from justice and has not paid for his crimes.

The liberal left has a pattern of believing they are above the law. The left in America goes after the conservatives and claims a culture of corruption on the right while ignoring the culture of corruption on the left. Recently, the left is desperately trying to sweep Charles Rangel’s tax evasion and other improprieties from making the headlines. The left did not force William Jefferson to resign even though he was found to have cold hard cash in his freezer that Jefferson obtained in a bribery sting operation. The left ran Delay out of town on trumped up charges yet allow the corruption on the left to go unchecked. The Polanski case is just another example of how the elitist left believes they are above the law. The Laws passed by the elitist left are for everyone else. They of course have no rules because of their lifetime achievements. Any defense of Polanski for having sexual relations with a thirteen year old is sickening. The left is not above the law and Polanski must be brought to justice. The left's hypocrisy is showing just as it did 40 years ago at Chappaquiddick.

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